Streamlining Workflows with StoriiCare

Streamlining Workflows with StoriiCare

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May 19, 2021
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A StoriiCare Case Study

About Kingdom Support & Care

Kingdom Support & Care (KSC) is a subsidiary of Kingdom Housing Association. KSC supports around 300 people throughout the areas of Fife and Falkirk in Scotland. They provide high-quality, personalised support and care designed to meet individual needs and desired outcomes. They are inspected regularly by Care Inspectorate, achieving grades of good and excellent throughout all of their services. 

KSC provides services to those with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, complex needs, mental health issues, age related needs, homelessness, drug and alcohol addictions. Their aim is to support people to live independently, having as full a life as possible and to be part of their local community.

The Challenge: Using an End-of-Life System

KSC was using a system that had reached end-of-life status. The workflows for documenting and storing data were inefficient and the system was complex, causing issues for staff.

KSC were early adopters of an operations platform in which the provider developed bespoke systems tailored to each of its clients. When this operations platform was acquired by an international company, problems began. KSC's existing system couldn't be properly maintained or further developed. They experienced difficulty and long waiting times to get support. Eventually, they were informed the system was an end-of-life product. This drove KSC to the marketplace in search of an alternative.

"StoriiCare had originally made it on our list of providers to look at because our twin housing association used StoriiCare for their operations. Our senior leadership teams occasionally meet up to share ideas and things. We'd visited them in January 2020 and they were telling us how well they got on with it. Then, the Digital Team got various grades of staff involved in looking at different products on the market. The person-centredness of StoriiCare is really what attracted us. Moving out of a one-size-fits-all model into something that could be individualised for the people we support and populated with their pictures, lists of favourite things, places, etc. was what really sold us.” Kristina Ansell, Service Co-ordinator

The Solution: A System That Streamlined Workflows

The simplicity and ease-of-use KSC found in StoriiCare enabled them to centralise data, implement more efficient work processes, and boost confidence in staff who had previously felt frustrated with digital systems.

Implementation: A Staged Approach

KSC opted for a 'train the trainer' approach when it came to implementing StoriiCare. Their management team received a high level of support and training from StoriiCare to then go on and train key workers and other front-line staff in adopting the new workflows. Additionally, they phased in StoriiCare by first getting Support Plans on the system and then building out custom Forms and Assessments to be documented on StoriiCare before moving on to other aspects like Tasks and Outcomes.

"In terms of training and implementation, StoriiCare is probably one of the easiest we've ever done. Everyone has found it really easy to use. The training resources have been invaluable." Kristina Ansell, Service Co-ordinator

The Benefits

Increased Access to Support

"You guys listen and help where you can. That was quite surprising. Before StoriiCare, if something went wrong with the system, we had to figure out things ourselves and it would take weeks to get something fixed. Now, when I search for support, I always find something." Kristina Ansell, Service Co-ordinator

Streamlined Workflows

"Our Key Workers are the people responsible for all documentation around the people we support. They were trying to save things in the right folder, do this, do that, go out of one system and into another. Everything was all over the place and complex. So, they were sending reports to an administrator who would store them in the correct place. Now we can cut that 'middle man' role out. Key workers have everything they need in one place. The log in, document, save, and it couldn't be more straightforward." Kristina Ansell, Service Co-ordinator

Enhanced Key Worker Experience

"Digital and IT skills are not key skills for our front-line workers but StoriiCare is intuitive and easy for them to use. The fact that they are able to both access and complete everything they need without getting anybody else involved creates confidence." Kristina Ansell, Service Co-ordinator

System Customisation

"We love that we can set our brand colour up on the system and create our own Forms with our logo and things. Those little touches make it feel like it's truly ours. The consistent updates and improvements to the system are one of the best things we've discovered with StoriiCare. It is truly an evolving tool and the things you bring on are really good. You seek feedback from your customers and you allow them to see what sort of development is coming down the pipeline, which is wonderful." Kristina Ansell, Service Co-ordinator

Software for Housing Associations

Want to learn more about StoriiCare's digital solutions for housing associations with care and support services? See a demo or email our sales team at You can find more StoriiCare case studies here.

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