Storiicare implementation

New system implementations are never easy, but having a strategy helps ease the transition.

We understand that adapting to a new software system can be intimidating for many staff. At StoriiCare, we've helped hundreds of care providers make the transition from paper-based recording to digital care management or making a move from other systems. We have a structured onboarding process that is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for both management and staff.

Getting started with StoriiCare

Reduction of paper costs, increased staff satisfaction, time savings, risk mitigation, workflow efficiency and enhanced person-centered care all help empower staff to implement change and should be effectively communicated.

Tips for a strategic & successful software implementation

  • Keep your project team small.

  • Have a group of end users who will test & provide feedback. Ensure each department is represented.

  • Establish StoriiCare 'champions'.

  • Clearly communicate the reasons for change, why you selected StoriiCare and the benefits to staff.

  • Roll out implementation in phases.

  • Set up training sessions by staff role.

  • Plan and celebrate short-term goals. This provides tangible evidence of how the software is helping.

  • Ensure staff know how to access support and the process for delivering feedback is clear.

StoriiCare's guided onboarding process will be tailored to the size of your business, your desired timeline, and the software package selected.

The steps below should give you a general outline of our onboarding and implementation process.

StoriiCare Case Study