Track Leads to Improve Growth

Our comprehensive CRM offers a host of benefits, enabling you to streamline lead management, nurture relationships, and boost conversions. By centralizing your lead data, you gain a holistic view of your prospective clients, facilitating personalized engagement and targeted marketing strategies to drive business expansion.

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Manage Referral Sources

With StoriiCare's CRM, managing referral sources becomes a breeze. You can easily identify and prioritize the sources that are generating the most valuable leads, allowing you to focus your efforts on cultivating these relationships for maximum ROI. Our intuitive system ensures that you never miss an opportunity to capitalize on promising referrals.

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Port Converted Leads to StoriiCare

Seamless integration between our CRM and your StoriiCare account is a hallmark of our platform. Once a lead is successfully converted, it can be effortlessly ported over to StoriiCare for a seamless transition into care management. This cohesive approach ensures continuity of care and a smooth experience for both clients and providers.

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Lead & Source Analytics

StoriiCare's analytics tools extend to lead management, providing you with valuable insights into lead generation and referral source effectiveness. With detailed analytics on your leads and source referrals, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategies, refine your outreach, and ultimately, achieve sustained growth and success in the care industry.