Nursing Homes

Coordinate Effective Care for Your Residents

StoriiCare's care management features empower nursing home staff with the tools to provide care to those in need, whilst reducing time spent completing paperwork.

Software for Nursing Homes

Electronic care management has never been this easy. StoriiCare is transforming senior care communities with modern, user-friendly technology that benefits management, staff, residents and their families. This EHR system (Electronic Health Record) can benefit Nursing Homes to improve care facilities and the service provided.

StoriiCare is designed to help Nursing Homes:

  • Save Time

    Our clients report saving 1-2 hours on paperwork each day. That is valuable time that could be spent caring for residents!

  • Improve Care

    Use StoriiCare's resident profiles and engagement tools to improve person-centered care provision. Having everything stored and easily accessible from one place reduces errors and increases the quality of care one can provide.

  • Reduce Costs

    Kiss those spreadsheets goodbye because in-depth analytics are automatically generated for you! Use these data reports to gain valuable insight, evidence key information to regulatory bodies and inform your decision-making.

  • Stand Out!

    StoriiCare impresses prospective residents and their families. It's a great marketing differentiator. With the Storii Family App, you can easily keep resident families engaged and in the loop. This goes a long way in building trust, increasing satisfaction and boosting occupancy.

A nurse shows a patient something on her tablet. The patient is in a hospital bed.

Resident Profiles

  • Access all resident information from their personal profile

  • Use the engagement tools (Media, Playlists, Places) to build up life stories on their profile

  • Run Reminiscence Therapy sessions

  • Quickly and easily make changes and updates to resident care plans


  • Create custom calendars for activities, appointments, or tours and display a daily schedule to visitors with our Digital Signage

  • Browse our huge Activities Database for quick planning inspiration

  • Quickly take attendance and track resident participation, mood and engagement


  • Track data points that matter to you

  • Export, print, and share analytics

  • Set up recurring email reports

  • Group login available for communities with multiple locations

Family Connectivity

  • Storii Family app lets families connect to their loved one in care and contribute to the resident's profile

  • Send mass communications from the Community Announcements feature

  • Privately message with family members

  • Let families see when their loved one attends an activity or event

Care Features

  • Medical info/MAR charts

  • Progress Notes & Tasks

  • Care Planning, Assessments & Handover

  • Incidents & Accidents


  • 24/7 Live Chat support

  • Access to free marketing materials to help promote StoriiCare in your community

  • Access to Feature Request forms (we take your suggestions seriously!)

Don't just take our word for it

Explore  more testimonials
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Jenni Mack
Activities Coordinator
"We've had StoriiCare for two years now and haven't looked back! All 85 of our residents and their families are connected. It has improved our relationships with them and boosted staff morale!"
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Elaine Hamilton
Clinical Director
"We finally have a platform that does it all and keeps all our information in one place! We love the analytics feature. We make a lot of adjustments to what we offer based on the data it shows us."
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Mark Evans
Compliance Officer
"I would definitely recommend StoriiCare to other providers. It saves them time in their job and gives them more time to do actual activities rather than doing paperwork."
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