Track On-Site Attendance

StoriiCare's innovative digital Register feature and App offers a seamless solution for care providers to effortlessly track on-site attendance for staff, service users, and visitors.

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QR or PIN Codes for Easy Sign In & Out

With the convenience of QR or PIN codes, service users, staff, and visitors can enjoy a quick and hassle-free sign-in and sign-out process, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burdens.

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Track Absences

StoriiCare provides the capability to track absences and generate comprehensive attendance reports. This feature ensures that you have real-time insights into attendance trends, allowing you to proactively manage staffing and resources effectively.

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Powerful Attendance Reports and Data Analytics

Beyond attendance tracking, StoriiCare empowers you with powerful analytics tools to gain deep insights into participant engagement. Our platform enables you to make informed decisions for your business by providing valuable data on participation rates, trends, and preferences. With StoriiCare, you can enhance your services and tailor your offerings to meet the unique needs of your clients, ultimately driving business growth and success.