StoriiCare Testimonials

"We are overjoyed with StoriiCare and would recommend it to any Day Center."
Tracey Brown
Executive Director, Amazing Place
"When it comes to person-centered care, I can't imagine another tool that would be as helpful as StoriiCare."
Kathryn Westland
Executive Director, Friendship Center Adult Day Program
"It has so many different features, and I was very impressed by the number of day programs that are using their system, which meant that they understand the needs of adult day programs."
Semin Hekmaty
Public Health Nurse, Arlington Adult Day Program
"StoriiCare has best customer service we have ever experienced. It provides us with the ability to keep track of our clients, and communicate with their families. StoriiCare definitely saves us a lot of time!"
Maria Nicolacoudis
Executive Director, Hearts and Minds Activity Center
I have already recommended StoriiCare to everybody who'll sit still long enough to hear me spout forth about it. I genuinely believe this is one of the best tools, if not the best tool around. As staff we can really interact with that person with a dementia because it's very meaningful for them. We don't want to have the generic photographs, the generic activities — it's got to be really specific nowadays, it's got to be person-centered. And that's where StoriiCare comes in to its own, because it just encompasses person-centered care."
Sheila Inshaw
Manager, Craigilea Care Home
"StoriiCare makes it effortless to keep everything in once place and communicate with our participants and loved ones. We had several programs that we built to run our Adult Day Care and store information. StoriiCare is now our one stop shop for EVERYTHING! I only wish I would have known about them from day one of opening our business."
Patricia McCreary
Founder & CEO, Margaret's Place
"I would definitely recommend StoriiCare to other providers. It saves them time in their job and gives them more time to do actual activities rather than doing paperwork"
Mark Evans & Gemma Fraser
Compliance Officer & Recreation, Thornlea Care Home
"What a great innovation for keeping in touch with our relatives in care. My own personal experience is with my mother who has dementia. It is a comfort to the family to be able to keep up with her activities and know she is safe. As a dementia sufferer sometimes she has no recollection of her day to day living but with the help of Storii we can follow her routine. This is so beneficial to families who do not live within regular visiting distance."
John Shearer
Has family in Westacres Care Home
"We do lots of fun activities all day long, and the service users' families unfortunately don't get to see that happen. With StoriiCare they do get to see that happen. They get all of the photographs and their notes about each activity as and when it happens in real-time. If I wasn't using StoriiCare it would take me a good few hours each day, that I could be spending with my service users, writing out all the books and putting in photographs. But now I can do that directly from whatever device I am taking photographs on, straight on to the app."
Jenni Mack
Activities Coordinator, Craigielea Care Home
"Family members can see what activities they’ve been doing throughout the week. They can add playlists, childhood pictures, anything. It reduces paperwork on a day-to-day basis. You can spend a lot more time with the service users, doing more activities, taking photographs and videos on the spot.”
Jacqueline Sinnerton
Activities Co-ordinator at Deanston House
StoriiCare allows us to communicate with families and see the activities that service users are doing day to day. Absolutely I would recommend StoriiCare to other providers, it’s allowed us to spend more time with service users."
Gemma Mitchell & Theresa Campbell
Senior Support worker & Head of Supported Living, Enable Glasgow
"At present we have 53 service users within our home, and the staff have to use activities booklets to fill in what activities have been done. Whereas, with StoriiCare, they can log it there and then. They won't forget. I find StoriiCare very easy to use. Not being excellent on computers myself, if I can do it, anybody can probably do it!"
Fiona Day & Diane Buchanan
Manager and Activities Co-ordinator at Forth Bay Care Home