StoriiCare FAQ's

What is StoriiCare?

StoriiCare is a cloud based software platform used by care providers such as Adult Day Care Centers, Residential Care Communities, Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Housing Associations and Home Care Agencies.

Why use StoriiCare?

StoriiCare enables organizations to efficiently plan and evidence interactions with those they care for. Designed with a focus on the end user, StoriiCare provides a range of features to ensure the smooth running of any care setting.

Management have instant access to profiles of all service users in their care, with notifications and reminders for overdue tasks, assessments and much more. There are a host of other features and reports that can simplify and improve efficiency in your day-to-day responsibilities in addition to reducing the need for many paper records.

Why go digital?

There are a range of benefits providers can take advantage of by using a digital system.

- Easy to update and maintain
- Change specific items as opposed to replacing full pages in files
- Save time by typing instead of writing
- Text clarity - illegible notes due to poor handwriting are no longer an issue
- Text support - use recommended notes for those that may not have English as their first language
- Reduce human error - our software automatically calculates risk scores and BMI
- Print only when necessary, saving paper and ink costs
- PDF copies can be emailed if required
- Store all of your policies and scanned files in our StoriiCare Document Store folders
- Audit trail: See who updated/changed what and when

How do care providers get started with StoriiCare?

Care Providers can sign up to StoriiCare by calling:
USA: +1 (650) 924 9930
UK: (+44) 141 816 0373
or by booking a demo

We have multiple care communities. Can we access data for all our sites from one location?

Yes! Many of our clients have more than one care community. We provide a Group Portal where management can log in to view data and analytics across all of their businesses.

What does StoriiCare cost?

Take a look at our pricing page for details.

What about security?

StoriiCare is fully data compliant. Managers have full control over staff access, with 2 levels of password protection. You can apply our various default Permission Levels to staff members or create custom ones to suit your business' needs.

Our platform automatically signs users out after a set period, but as with all computer systems, in addition to our own security we highly recommend enabling passcodes on your own devices to ensure your hardware is protected.

Can I use StoriiCare on my current computer/devices?

Yes! StoriiCare can be used on any device so long as there is an internet connection, enabling you to run our platform on multiple different systems at any one time. We highly recommend using Google Chrome if you choose to use us on a browser.

We don't have any tablets or tech, can you help?

If you don’t currently have the technology to use StoriiCare, we can help. Through our partner relationships, if you are a registered business we can provide brand new, ready-to-go tablets with care-friendly cases at a competitive rate. Get in touch for a quote.

Our staff are not used to digital recording. Will they have trouble using StoriiCare?

StoriiCare was designed to look and feel like a social media platform your may use on a daily basis. Our platform is modern, intuitive and user-friendly. We have trained many 'tech-phobic' staff over the years, and can assure you that everyone picks it up rather quickly. For more information on this topic, please take a look at these articles:

4 Ways to Get Resistant Care Staff to (Really) Use Technology
How Managers Can Introduce New Technology to Care Staff

Why use StoriiCare with your service users?

- To encourage and enhance communication between service users, staff and Storii family users
- To improve mood, well-being and to stimulate memories through our resident-specific engagement tools
- StoriiCare can be tailored to the individual
- StoriiCare can serve as a legacy for future generations
- It enables business to not only provide an enhanced level of person-centered care, but to effectively document every action, showing any inspectors that a provider really cares about care.

Can StoriiCare help someone with Dementia?

Yes, StoriiCare can help those affected by Dementia. Here's how:
- Personalized profiles help maintain a sense of personal identity
- StoriiCare's engagement tools help improve mood, well being, and stimulate memories
- The information stored on StoriiCare can be used for individual reminiscence therapy
- Having access to life story information helps care staff to provide high quality, person-centered care

What support do you offer?

Our call support is 9:00 am - 5:00 pm during weekdays. We also offer Live Chat support, video tutorials, help articles, remote access sessions and support visits if necessary. View the Support page on your StoriiCare account for more information.

What kind of media uploads does StoriiCare support?

We accept most media formats, including:
- MP4, webm
- MP3, M4A, WAV
If there are any formats you’d like to use that don’t current work, let us know

What kind of languages does StoriiCare support?

StoriiCare allows entry of most language types into note areas, however our primary system language is in English. StoriiCare plans to release Spanish and Cantonese in 2024.