Storii - Family Portal for Care Providers

Storii - Family Portal for Care Providers

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June 18, 2020
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What is Storii Family Portal?

Storii is the family side of StoriiCare, a software system used by care providers of all types and sizes. This includes Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Disability Care, Home Care, Nursing Homes, Dementia Care, CCRCs, etc.

StoriiCare is a modern, user-friendly way to go about managing tasks, care planning, and storing client information. Additionally, it engages residents or participants and their loved ones using a person-centered approach.

Basically, it is a way for care staff to carry out their workflow digitally.

This cuts down on paperwork, which gives them more time to spend with the people they care for! Plus, it is more efficient and better for the environemnt. Win-win!

Family Portal

How Does Storii Work?

Care staff can go to a resident or participant profile and add their friends and family members as Connections. This can be done when an email address of phone number is provided.

Connections will get an email or text from the care provider inviting them to connect with their loved one in care.

By logging into Storii or downloading the Storii Family App from Google Play or App Store, friends and family can connect to certain parts of their loved one's secure StoriiCare profile.

As a Connection, friends and family can:

  • Receive notifications when their loved one participates in an activity.
  • Send and receive private messages from care staff.
  • View the care community's calendar and sign up to attend events.
  • See photos and videos that care staff upload.
  • Contribute life story information to their loved one's profile: photos, videos, places, audio recordings, playlists and more!
Resident Family Engagement

What are the Benefits to Using Storii?

It is important that care providers are aware of market trends. While the pen and paper approach to care recording is still standard, every day there are thousands of care providers across the globe making the switch to digital care management. Care tech is the future. Your residents, service users and their families will anticipate or expect to see technology used. It will signal to them that you are forward-thinking and with the times. Furthermore, they'll be comfortable using a website or app to stay engaged with their loved one's care.

Here are some additional benefits to using a Family Portal like Storii:

  • Connected friends and relatives can automatically get live updates, without more work on your part
  • It's a fantastic marketing and sales tool - very impressive to prospective residents or service users
  • It's an easy way for friends and family to view your activity calendar and sign up to attend events
  • It builds loyalty and good rapport, which leads to long-term clients
  • It helps staff provide higher quality, more person-centered care
  • It's fully GDPR and HIPAA-compliant

How do I get a Family Portal for my Care Community?

Storii is a platform for life story information. Additionally, it serves as a connection point for care staff, service usersand families. The content uploaded to Storii empowers staff to provide more person-centered care. It provides memory stimulation and comfort to those with cognitive impairments. It provides peace of mind to long-distance or concerned family members. It can also help parents of adults with disabilities know and understand more about their son or daughter's day. At StoriiCare, we believe this should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we provide our Family Connectivity package to care providers for free.

To take a closer look at Storii and to register for a Free Family Connectivity account, contact us.

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