Reducing Operational Risks by Going Digital

Reducing Operational Risks by Going Digital

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August 10, 2021
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A StoriiCare Case Study

About MS Australia

MS Australia is a national voice for people with multiple sclerosis. They work in advocacy and communications, and collaborate with stakeholders to benefit thousands of people affected by MS across Australia. MS Australia has state member organisations who work tirelessly providing services such as high support accommodation, in-home care, therapies, respite, carer support, and various workshops and programs to the MS community.

The Challenge: The Risks of Paper-Based Recording

Paper documentation posed too many risks. Fires, floods, and human error could render MS Australia staff without essential documentation for their residents. With care locations spread across the country during a global pandemic, the lack of a central database was jeopardizing quality control and continuity for their business.

We were purely paper-based which was just ridiculous. We have three separate sites which are quite dispersed. Two are in Melbourne and one is in New South Wales. The senior manager who oversaw all three would have to travel to the site to get any detail in regards to reviewing case notes and so forth. There was no real quality control that was able to be implemented across the sites. We didn't have much insight into what the sites were doing or how they were operating. With COVID it became even harder because we weren’t letting people go in and out of sites and the senior manager couldn’t travel. - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care

The Solution: Going Digital

By migrating and streamlining their data onto a care management system, MS Australia knew they would be cutting out travel time for management, implementing more efficient workflows for staff, and removing other risks associated with paper-based recording.

Choosing StoriiCare

MS Australia had a project team in charge of procuring a digital operations system. The search began online, where they narrowed down a list of vendors to book software demos with. During the demonstartions, the MS team examined and compared costs, usability, and functionality amongst the vendors. The number one reason MS Australia chose StoriiCare was the usability aspect.

"We knew staff would find it easy to navigate the system with how intuitive and easy it was to use," said Natalie Francis, Executive Manager of Consumer Directed Care.

The Benefits


The most immediate benefit was felt by our managers. They raved about StoriiCare from the moment it was implemented. It made their lives so much easier to be able to log in and see everything they needed to about each resident without having to get up, go find the file, make sure it was all there, etc. - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care


One of our sites, in particular, is made up of smaller units with a centralized office. The onsite manager there would often have to go visit each unit to get what she needed. That takes up a lot of time that could be better spent. Now, she can sit in her office and access anything she needs to. If we were to quantify the results of having StoriiCare it would definitely be in time saved.  - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care


We have some staff who’ve been with us for 20-30 years, are in their 50s and 60s, and aren’t particularly tech-savvy. We also have younger staff for whom maybe English is their second language. That considered, I expected the staff adoption of StoriiCare to take a little while but it was much quicker and easier than I anticipated.  - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care


We had a midterm accreditation recently. To be an NDIS provider you have to be registered and there is a long registration process. Once you are registered, they come out and assess you on a regular basis to make sure that you’re meeting all your requirements. The woman who came out to assess us has seen a lot of different systems in her line of work and she was very impressed with StoriiCare. She just raved about it. We passed everything with flying colors.  - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care


Being able to create templates across our locations and provide prompts for staff through various features has made such a difference in the consistency of how everything gets recorded and the continuity we can accomplish as a team.  - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care

Ongoing Improvements

StoriiCare's development is done entirely in-house. We work closely with clients to iterate on their direct feedback. Product updates are released monthly as evidenced here.

One of the good things about this system is that they're constantly learning and not just from us, but from other providers. Seeing the improvements that have been made even since we started is wonderful. - Natalie Francis, Executive Manager Consumer Directed Care

Software for Residential Care

Want to learn more about StoriiCare's digital solutions for housing associations with care and support services? See a demo or email our sales team at You can find more StoriiCare case studies here.

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