Case Studies

Offering Smart Solutions to Care Communities

Read our most recent client case studies to find out how StoriiCare is helping adult day and residential care providers overcome challenges and improve care provision.

EMO HIV Day Center

Read about how HIV Day Center used StoriiCare to improve person-centered care by recording consistent case information in an electronic format.


Ability Now Bay Area

Read about how Ability Now used StoriiCare to improve person-centered care by inputting progress information into an electronic format.


MS Australia

Read about how MS Australia used StoriiCare to reduce operational risks by going digital and transitioning out of paper-based recording.


Senwick House

Read about how Senwick House used StoriiCare to future-proof their care planning, switching from a paper-based system to digital care management.


Morrison Community Care

Read about how Morrison Community Care Group used StoriiCare to evidence the quality of the care provided in their residential communities.


Kingdom Support & Care

Read about how Kingdom Support & Care used StoriiCare to streamline their workflows, creating more efficient workflows and boosting confidence in their key workers.


Independent Adult Day Care Centers

Read about how Independent Adult Day Care Centers used StoriiCare to customize their digital care management and improve staff communication.


Enable Glasgow

Read about how Enable Glasgow used StoriiCare to reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and increase the amount of time spent with service users.