Technology Charter for People with Dementia in Scotland

Technology Charter for People with Dementia in Scotland

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June 18, 2020
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Technology Improves Quality of Life for Those Living with Dementia

The StoriiCare team were recently contacted by Sandra Shaffi. Sandra founded the Technology Charter for people with Dementia in Scotland with Alzheimer Scotland. As our platform is well aligned with the charter, we were excited to be presented with the opportunity to sign up. We are proud to say that we were the first company to get on board and support such a worthwhile cause.

What is the Technology Charter?

The Charter aims to establish a collective collaboration concerning the active promotion of technology in health and social care. Primarily, it focuses on increasing the awareness of how technology can help those living with Dementia in Scotland. The Charter also aspires to build public and professional awareness of how technology can enhance lives, promote independent living and assist and complement care and support. Some of the deeper values and core principles of the Charter are mentioned below.

To find out more about the Charter and how you can get involved click here.

Why StoriiCare got Involved?

StoriiCare wants to make a difference by enhancing the quality of life for those in care. Our team realise the importance of technology in today’s fast paced society. We want those who struggle with technology to be catered for - not forgotten. Therefore, the purpose of the Charter corresponds with our brand ethos perfectly. We would encourage other SME's to sign up and support the charter as we have done!

If you wish to sign up to the charter or receive further information please contact

Get involved on social media @DemTechChScot #DemTechCh !

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