StoriiCare's 2022 Year in Review

StoriiCare's 2022 Year in Review

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December 16, 2022
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As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished together and to express our gratitude for your support.

This year has been filled with exciting new feature developments and platform quality of life improvements. As always, we have continued to work hard to improve and expand our platform to better serve the needs of our users. We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made and the valuable features we have added in 2022.

We are also grateful for the feedback and suggestions we have received from our community. Your input has been invaluable in helping us to understand what matters most to you and how we can continue to improve our service. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year to make StoriiCare the best it can be.

As we approach the end of the year, we want to wish you all a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year. Thank you for being a part of the StoriiCare family!

2022 was busy for the StoriiCare team! Here’s a look at what happened this year:


We added exciting new features such as:

  • Lists
  • Life Story Calls
  • Tagging
  • Matrix Calculations
  • Services
  • Attendance Table Exporting
  • Data by Day Export
  • Deep linking
  • Register App

And we made significant improvements to existing features, giving users a high-level of customization:

  • Documents V2
  • Face Sheet / Overview V2
  • Care Plan V2
  • Register V2


StoriiCare added a significant number of new clients this year and alpha launched the Adult Day Forum - A free online forum for Adult Day Centers around to the world ask questions, share resources and make connections! 


Our team gained a new Customer Success Manager this year with Ana joining us. Ana lives in Rio de Janeiro and is already an incredible asset to our team! 

Photo of Ana - Customer Success Manager at StoriiCare
Ana - Customer Success at StoriiCare


We were fortunate to attend a number of conferences and trade shows this year, including the NADSA Conference in Pittsburgh! 

Hoto of Storii's booth at NADSA 2022
NADSA 2022 - StoriiCare

And with that we wish you and those you support lots of joy and light this holiday season! We look forward to what 2023 has in store.

❤ from the StoriiCare Team

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