How To Add Media To Storii

How To Add Media To Storii

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June 18, 2020
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Creating your own Storii is quick & easy. This tutorial will guide you through the process of adding media to your account to build your life story!

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Adding New Content

The first step to building your life story is to access your profile page. If you haven't signed up to Storii yet - what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up, it's free!

Once registered, you then click the

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button which will provide you with the option to upload content. A window will appear, from which you can select one of the pre-made Storii folders such as Childhood to get you started or you can create a new folder - it's entirely up to you! With Storii you can add a variety of media including images, audio, video and even web links - you don't have to worry about running out of space as we don't limit storage.

Adding Media To Storii

Multi-Media Storytelling

On Storii, you can record a lifetime of memories by using multiple pieces of media. When uploading content, you have the option to add dates, locations, captions and tag others. Writing descriptions and captions can certainly help bring memories back to life, however, it can sometimes be difficult to remember every detail. We recommend starting with the five W’s (the what, who, when, where, why) to help jog your memory.

You can also use Storii to create narrated memories (this tool can currently be used on Laptop and desktop devices). Creating a collection of spoken memoirs to record the unique stories behind each photograph will help you build a living archive of memories. To create a narrated memory on Storii select add content, upload the image you want and then select the

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icon, which will directly record audio. You can also upload an audio file already created on your computer.

Adding A New Folder

You can create a new folder whilst uploading media by clicking the

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button within the right-hand corner or if you scroll down your profile page you can also click on the grey 'add folder' button. When adding a new folder you can give the folder a name and a description which explains what is included in the folder.

The folder structure on Storii has two-levels. First, you have a folder which appears on your profile page. However, you can also create additional sub-folders - similar to folders on a desktop or laptop. With each folder, there is also a number of privacy features (see image).

Adding Media To Storii

The privacy settings of the folder determine who will be able to view the contents of the folder. If set to 'Archivers' only users which have archive access to your profile will be able to view the folder, 'Public' will mean anyone who uses Storii will have access and 'Only Me' means that no one can view the folder at any time other than yourself. When set to 'Only Me' you also have the option to make the folder password protected for an extra level of security if needed.

You can also create shared folders, enabling you to add either individually selected users or groups to contribute content to a folder. This is incredibly useful for creating a shared family folder and inviting your family to share content into the one folder.

There are also supplementary folders within your profile, including:

Uncategorised - shows all of the media you have uploaded but have not assigned to a designated folder.

Favourites -  displays all the media you have favourited. You can favourite an image to appear in this folder by clicking the star button on the bottom right when viewing a piece of media.

Tagged - features all of the items of media that you have been tagged in by other users. You can tag a user by clicking the

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icon on the right-hand menu when viewing media or directly from the add content window.

All Media includes all of the media you have uploaded to your Storii account, not including content that is password protected.

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