The ROI of Evidencing Resident Engagement

The ROI of Evidencing Resident Engagement

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June 18, 2020
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'The ROI of Evidencing Resident Engagement' is part of a series on how to increase your ROI with StoriiCare. StoriiCare is a care coordination and activities recording software for senior care providers. Click here to see the other articles on how to use StoriiCare to its fullest potential.

Build Trust With Families

By showing friends and relatives that their loved ones are engaged in activities and community at your facility (and engaging families themselves), you increase the likelihood of word of mouth referrals and positive online reviews.

How to do this:

Add to a resident's Places, Playlists and Media section. In doing this, you'll show families that you are truly invested in person-centered care.

StoriiCare's Places feature using Google Street View to show a resident's childhood home

Want to allow friends and family Connections to sign up to attend events in your facility? Tick the boxes shown below when you are scheduling your activity.

Family Sign Up

When logging Activities, you can go the extra mile to evidence resident engagement.  Record the Engagement and Mood of individual participants. Friends and family Connections can see these and feel confident in your care.

Record Resident Activity Participation

You can even include personal, individual notes:

This image shows how you would write a personalized note about a resident's participation in an activity on StoriiCare

Keep Sales Moving Forward

By using your upcoming calendar to match the interests of individuals who are considering moving into your facility, you keep the sale moving forward. StoriiCare provides a progressive, modern way to showcase your activities program on and offline to prospective residents and their families.

How to do this:

Let prospective residents and their families know what is going on in your facility by wow-ing them with your Activities program. Whether you display the Activity Calendar on a TV in your lobby, have it printed off in your office, available on your website, or sent in an email, there are many ways to show off your well-planned program!

Be sure to put photos in your Public Calendar album! These photos will appear on your digital calendar display. A wonderful way to evidence resident engagement! This way, visitors to your facility can see how happy and engaged your residents are living there.

This shows how a care facility's activity calendar would be displayed on a televsion when using StoriiCare

Utilize Care Plans & Activity Analytics for Evidencing Resident Engagement

When you engage with residents based on their current needs and preferences, they are more likely to stay in your facility longer. This level of patient-centered care has been shown to improve quality of life. Higher quality of life is associated with lower costs of care.

How to do this:

Update a resident's 'This is Me' section to include up-to-date information on interests, hobbies, preferences, etc.

This shows an example care plan, highighting a resident's hobbies and interests.

In a resident's Overview section, you'll find an auto-generated list of their Preferred Activities. The items you see will be based on which activities they've been recorded as participating in the most.

A list of resident's preferred activities

Analyze the data StoriiCare automatically tracks for you! In Activity Analytics, you can filter by service user to see an in-depth look at their participation journey. Alternatively, you can view site-wide statistics to get an idea of what changes you might want to make to your offerings.

An overview of a resident's activity analytics shown in a chart and graph format.
A home health worker shares a tablet with an elderly woman