StoriiCare Partners With Williamwood High School

StoriiCare Partners With Williamwood High School

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June 18, 2020
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StoriiCare Visits Williamwood High School

Our staff were recently invited to speak to a group of school pupils at Williamwood High School in Greater Glasgow. The school have secured funding and successfully set up an annual intergenerational project with local businesses and charities, now known as “Tea in the Street”. This project was designed to connect young people with older adults living in the community, to gain a better understanding of what was important for someone in their eighties or nineties, and what life is like with a diagnosis of dementia. This year they wanted to use StoriiCare to help the young people record and explore the life stories of the older people they would be meeting with each week.We thought that this sounds like an exciting project and a really positive example of communities and groups coming together to learn from one another. The pupils choose a different theme each week as a starting point for a conversation with their older friends, with the hope of building a rich, life story profile through StoriiCare for each person. They will collect and upload photographs, videos and music to document important events and stories they hear about. Meeting the young people it was clear to see that modern technology like tablets and smartphones is a big part of their lives and using them is like second nature. We have no doubt that they will find StoriiCare a straightforward tool for their project. We look forward to hearing about their findings, and what the young and older groups learn from each other over the weeks.

Williamwood High School commented:

"The award-winning intergenerational project ‘Tea in The Street’ returns for another year at Williamwood High School, with a new and exciting digital theme.
This innovative intergenerational project was established three years ago in partnership with The Richmond Fellowship Scotland Dementia Services and has gone from strength to strength at Williamwood. This is down to the enthusiasm, dedication and compassion demonstrated by all of our young people involved this session.
Pupils in S5 support the older people, whom all live with dementia, in creating individual projects, personal to them. Williamwood High School is excited to announce StoriiCare as an additional partner this year, with our very own ex-pupil Cameron Graham as the founder and CEO.
Through a routine Care Inspectorate inspection of The Richmond Fellowship Dementia Services, the hugely positive impact the project was having on the older members of the group was highlighted and the inspector commented on the work of the group as 'sector leading'.
We look forward to fully utilising StoriiCare in our project this year with digital inclusion and enjoyment at the heart of our project."

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A home health worker shares a tablet with an elderly woman