StoriiCare Product Update #53 – June 2024

StoriiCare Product Update #53 – June 2024

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May 3, 2024
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Summary of Updates

StoriiCare is constantly working towards powerful new features and product improvements. Here’s a brief overview of our latest updates:

  • Payments Options Available for Australian Clients
  • CRM Updates
  • Bulk Exporting Invoices as CSV for QuickBooks and Xero
  • Base (Fixed) Fees and Discounts on Billing Plans

Additionally, we have updated our support messaging feature to allow for a more streamlined support process and faster response times!

Looking for a new StoriiCare feature? Visit our ‘Feature Request’ to submit an idea or see what other users are looking for! 

➡ Payments Options Available for Australian Clients

StoriiCare has expanded its billing feature to include payment processing for our Australian clients. You can now process payments through bank transfers at a rate of 1% + AU$0.30 per transaction, capped at AU$10. Additionally, card payments will be processed at a rate of 2.99% + AU$0.30 per transaction.

➡ CRM Updates

We’re excited to announce significant updates to the beta version of our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool! These updates include:

•Directly adding your leads to StoriiCare

•Connecting multiple StoriiCare business accounts to one CRM account

•Adding a custom list of sources

•Note-taking functionality to report on leads’ progress

We’d love to set up our clients at no additional cost. Please email so our team can start creating and configuring your CRM account. Check the CRM Support Article for more information.

➡ Bulk Exporting Invoices as CSV for QuickBooks and Xero

We are excited to announce that QuickBooks and Xero CSV bulk exports for invoices are now available. This new functionality allows you to effortlessly download multiple invoices in a CSV file ready to be uploaded to Quickbooks and Xero

➡ Fixed Fees and Discounts on Billing Plans

Fixed fees (e.g., monthly and administrative subscriptions) can now be added directly to billing plans in addition to other charges. Alongside this new release, we have also made fixed discounts available that auto-apply to billing plans. Both can be edited at any time upon invoice generation and on the Billing Plan configuration view.

➡ Smaller Key Updates

  • Alongside these updates, we’ve implemented a series of smaller enhancements to improve our platform’s overall user experience, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.some text
    • Account Codes on Services: You can now add codes to the Services for accounting purposes.

Thank you for your unwavering trust in StoriiCare. We're excited to see how these updates will further empower your operations and contribute to the exceptional care you provide. As always, we're eager to hear your feedback and continue evolving together.

❤ from the StoriiCare Team

Ana Beatriz Alves, Head of Product, StoriiCare
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