StoriiCare Product Update #47 – June 2023

StoriiCare Product Update #47 – June 2023

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June 21, 2023
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Summary of Updates

  • Register Absence Recording
  • Monthly Attendance/Absence Report
  • Point Values assigned to Lists
  • Smaller Key Updates
  • StoriiCare Top Tips

➡ Register Absence Recording

We are excited to release the ability to mark Service Users as absent on the StoriiCare register, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to recording attendance. This builds upon our previous updates such as displaying scheduled attendance within the register feature.

To mark a Service User as absent, simply select the 'Absent' button to the left of the 'Sign in' button. Users are able to mark Service Users as absent in bulk where required on the following confirmation page. If a Service User does arrive later in the day, the individual can be signed in as normal and the absence log will end upon sign in. All attendance and absence logs are visible inside the Register Log view - (Absences are identified with red "Absent" text).

We have also updated our real-time Register metrics to display # Service Users present (Green) against # Service Users Absent (Red) for instant visibility into live attendance data.

Recording Absences on the Register

If any absences are recorded in error, they can be edited the same way attendance logs are edited via the Register Log View (shown below).

➡ Monthly Attendance/Absence Report

With the release of our new Absence feature, we wanted to create a simplistic report that displayed all attendance and absences in one combined view. This powerful report consolidates all attendance and absence data into a single, easy-to-read document, providing care providers with a holistic view of attendance. The PDF report displays all days within any given month and displays a '1' for that day if a Service User attends. If they are marked as absent, the report will display a red 'A' for that day and  it will not be included in the final "Total" column.

Monthly Attendance/Absence Report

This Monthly Attendance / Absence Report can be found under the Register Logs Export View (Go to Exports > Register Logs > Monthly Attendance / Absence (PDF) as shown below)

Monthly Attendance/Absence Button

➡ Point Values assigned to Lists

We've released the ability to assign values to all lists on StoriiCare. These values can be numeric, percentage or currency based. This addition makes lists more useful across many of StoriiCare's features, allowing users to save any datapoint that has a secondary value or unit. Key use cases include:

  • Saving multiple tax rates or fee rates as a list. (E.g. Service Fee ($100), Sales Tax (9.25%) or VAT (20%))
  • Assigning points to dropdown lists in the form builder (detailed below)

Please note that when choosing currency as a list value type, the currency will default to the currency set in your StoriiCare business settings.

Previously, to calculate a score using the Form Builder Matrix Calculator, forms had to use either checkboxes or radio buttons to tally points. Users can now implement drop-downs as part of matrix calculations, which can often save significant screen space on forms. Simply ensure you are using a dropdown list with additional values (Numeric, Percentage or Currency) associated, and drag a Matrix Calculator component into the Form Canvas to tally any values.

Dropdowns being used with the StoriiCare Matrix Calculator

➡ Smaller Key Updates

  • Group Filter Multi-Select - The group filter on the Register feature is now multi-select, allowing users to select multiple groups or individuals to filter by.
  • Select All Button for Forms CSV Exporting - On the form entry view, if you would like to select all forms to export as a CSV, select the double-check icon to the left of the CSV icon.
  • Medications as a Linked Property Type - You can now display Medications within the Form Builder. When using the Linked Property component, select Property Type > Medication.
  • Bug Fixes - We've carried out a number of key bug fixes and speed improvements this month. Thank you to all clients that have reported any issues we may have not automatically detected!

➡ StoriiCare Top Tips

As the StoriiCare product suite expands, we want to take time in each Product Update to revisit existing features to remind clients of the value they offer. See this month's Top Tips below:

- Activity Instructions! This feature gives users the option to store instructions for activities that take place in your business. These instructions are often to support activity staff in running an activity. These instructions can also be saved to activities in your database so that when you schedule them, the instructions are easily accessible to the staff facilitating the activity. You can learn more about this feature via our help guide.

- Tasks! Tasks is a key StoriiCare feature, enabling users to schedule and complete customisable tasks over time which can be assigned to staff and service users. You can learn more about Tasks via our help guide.

Thank you for all your feedback! We truly appreciate you helping us make StoriiCare the best it can be. If you have any feature ideas, feedback or interest in testing upcoming functionality, please visit our feature request board from your StoriiCare profile or get in touch!

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Cameron Graham, CEO of StoriiCare
Cameron Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, StoriiCare
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