StoriiCare Product Update #46 – March 2023

StoriiCare Product Update #46 – March 2023

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March 13, 2023
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Summary of Updates

  • Form Builder File Upload component
  • Form Builder assigned signatures
  • Tags added to Services
  • Conditions added to Services
  • Home Care Ongoing Visits View
  • Schedule Updates
  • Form CSV Exporting Updates
  • Smaller Key Updates
  • StoriiCare Top Tips

➡ Form Builder File Upload Component

We are excited to release a powerful new feature to StoriiCare's Form Builder - File Uploads!

This new feature allows users to add a file upload field to any new or existing forms, enabling form respondents to attach files, such as images, videos, documents or even audio recordings, when filling out a form.

This feature can be particularly useful for forms such as intake assessments that may require staff or clients to upload documents or take a photo of a physical document whilst completing a form.

The files uploaded through the form can be accessed and downloaded directly from each form entry, making it easy for you to manage and organize any uploads.

To use this feature, simply add a "File Upload" component to your form, and respondents will be prompted to upload a file (or multiple files) when filling out a form. You can customize the settings for the file upload field, such as limiting accepted file types and choosing whether or not a file must be uploaded before a form can be submitted.

We hope that this new feature will improve your form building experience and make it even easier for you to collect the information you need!

StoriiCare screenshot: File Upload Component
File Upload Component

➡ Form Builder Assigned Signatures

Clients requested a way to limit who was able to sign specific forms, or specific signature fields within any form. Introducing - Assigned Signatures!

With this new feature, form creators can now specify which individuals are authorized to sign a form, improving security and compliance. When adding a signature component to a form, within the component settings you are able to specify a list of authorized signers, such as specific individuals or groups. You can also choose to exclude specific individuals from signing if preferred. When someone attempts to sign a form, the system will check if they are on the list of authorized signers before allowing them to complete the signature process. If they are not authorized, they will not be able to use the signature component.

This new feature is particularly useful for organizations that require strict controls over who is authorized to sign important documents. For example, many assessments require a Regional Nurse to sign a form - this can be applied by adding all Registered Nurses on StoriiCare into a Group, and selecting only that group to be authorised for a specific signature field.

To use this feature, simply navigate to any form on the builder, access the settings for any signature field and ensure 'Custom signed by' is not checked. You can then specify the list of authorized signers.

StoriiCare screenshot: Assigned Signatures within the Form Builder Feature
Assigned Signatures on StoriiCare

➡ Tags added to Services

We've added the ability to link tags used across the StoriiCare system with the Services feature.

This is particularly useful if you offer additional/supplemental services such as salon services or other opt in and paid for activities. You will be able to filter specifically for these tags when generating billing calculations via the Attendance Table Export.

To use this option, navigate to the Services feature, edit or add a service, and at the bottom of the Services edit view, select any tags you would like to associate that service with from the tags dropdown.

StoriiCare screenshot: Tags within the Services Feature

To add or edit any tags, navigate to either the Register or Schedule feature, and click the 'Cog' icon to access that feature's settings. From here, you will be able to add or edit any tag relative to its respective feature type.

StoriiCare screenshot: Tags within the Schedule Feature

➡ Conditions added to Services

We've added the ability to apply varying conditions to any Service on StoriiCare. This is particularly useful for providers that offer services that may have fee adjustments relative to set time conditions. (e.g. Charging $X per hour for the first 5 hours someone spends at your business, then moving to a flat day rate if they stay longer than 5 hours).

The example below shows how to create a service that applies a set fee per 15 minute unit of service for the first 5 hours an individual is signed into your business.

StoriiCare GIF: Adding conditions to a Service
Adding conditions to a Service

A second service must be created to cater for any additional time spent in a business, e.g. a 'Full Day Rate' that will be applied when any log data exceeds 5 hours.

StoriiCare screenshot: Example Service Rates
Example Service Rates

To generate a table that will include automatic calculations taking into account both Service types, be sure to include both service types under 'Calculate Services' in the Attendance table export. The system will automatically detect which Services a Service User is eligible for and calculate whether a day rate or an hourly rate is applied, relative to the amount of time they have spent per day at your business.

StoriiCare screenshot: Attendance Table Export
Attendance Table Export

Billing cycles and conditional calculations can be complex and vary significantly for each care provider. If you would like support setting up your services on StoriiCare, please feel free to book a call via our Support page.

➡ Home Care Ongoing Visits View

We are excited to announce a new feature that has been added to our Home Care offering – the ability for management to view ongoing home care visits and make edits to them mid-visit.

With this new feature, providers can now view ongoing visits in real-time, providing greater visibility and control over the care being provided to clients. You can now see the details of the visit, including the check in time, location, and any tasks that staff members may have already completed.

The feature also allows you to make edits or finish the visit mid-visit if necessary. For example, if a staff member forgets to check-out a visit after their shift, management will be able to do so for them. (Audit trails will still show specifically who made changes/ended a visit and when.) Similarly, if additional tasks need to be added to the visit, you can edit the visit in real-time to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed.

You will see any ongoing visits inside the new 'Ongoing' square visible within the Homecare feature.

StoriiCare screenshot: Homecare Ongoing Visits View

➡ Schedule Updates

We updated the filters within the schedule view to be on the top of the feature instead of on the left hand side. This has enabled us to expand the schedule view to take up more screen space on devices and improve visibility.

We have also added the ability to assign staff or service users to respective schedules. (E.g. You are able to assign a service user to a staff schedule in the rota schedule, or assign a staff member to a service user's attendance schedule.) Our new filter setup also allows for filtering by both staff or service users for all schedules.

Storiicare screenshot: Schedule View
StoriiCare Schedule View

➡ Form CSV Exporting Updates

We've made significant improvements to the CSV Export for our Forms feature. The order of all CSV Export Columns is now relative to the 'Form Components Structure' on any Form, and as such all columns will be displayed in their expected order. We have also added dedicated columns in any CSV exports for Rich Text areas, to ensure that even if no 'entry' is provided for a form section, or if an entry field is positioned below a descriptive rich text title, there will still be a column displaying that rich text title for context when exported.

➡ Smaller Key Updates

  • Removal of Management Dashboard - We opted to remove the dedicated management dashboard (previously accessible via a toggle) and pull the four features within it - Analytics, Trends, Completed Activities and Flagged/Overdue items into the main dashboard view. These features are now easier to access, and still have the same applicable permission levels.
  • Completed Activities Bulk Export - You can now export ALL (or the selected time period) of your completed activities at once in CSV format. Simply click the 'Export as CSV' button once you have chosen your desired time period, without selecting any specific activities. The export will default to all available activities.
  • Attendance Table Export Exclusion Filters - You can now enable advanced exclusion filters on the Attendance Table Export. This can be helpful when you are looking to exclude a specific individual or group from any combination of attendance table exports.
  • Bug Fixes - We've carried out a number of key bug fixes and speed improvements this month. Thank you to all clients that have reported any issues we may have not automatically detected!

➡ StoriiCare Top Tips

As the StoriiCare product suite expands, we want to take time in each Product Update to revisit existing features to remind clients of the value they offer. See this month's Top Tips below:

- Analytics for Overview Fields! You can display analytics for any custom Overview field on StoriiCare. Simply enable the ‘Show in Analytics’ toggle found in Care Overview field settings for any field you wish to view analytics for. You can learn more about this feature via our help guide.

StoriiCare screenshot: Show in analytics for Care Overview Fields
Show in analytics for Care Overview Fields

- Community Announcements! Community Announcements make it easy to mass-communicate important changes, notices, upcoming events, etc. with your Service Users' loved ones.You can learn more about Community Announcements via our help guide.

StoriiCare screenshot: Community Announcements
StoriiCare Community Announcements

Thank you for all your feedback! We truly appreciate you helping us make StoriiCare the best it can be. If you have any feature ideas, feedback or interest in testing upcoming functionality, please visit our feature request board from your StoriiCare profile or get in touch!

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Cameron Graham, CEO of StoriiCare
Cameron Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, StoriiCare
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