StoriiCare Product Update #39 – July 2022

StoriiCare Product Update #39 – July 2022

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July 4, 2022
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Summary of Updates

  • Day Care Register (now 'Register') Version 2!
  • Sign In/Out Service Users, Staff and Visitors
  • Bulk Sign In/Out
  • 'Currently Present' Filter
  • Attendance Schedule and Staff Rota displayed in Register
  • Register Design improvements

➡ Day Care Register (now 'Register') Version 2!

We have released a major update to our Day Care Register feature. Amongst new functionality and improvements, we have updated the name of the Day Care Register feature to 'Register'. We will continue to make significant additions to this feature over the coming weeks and months, including a dedicated and simplified Register App enabling Sign In/Out via QR and Pin Codes, without having to display any Service User or Staff lists.

StoriiCare Register (Version 2)
Register (Version 2)

➡ Sign In/Out Service Users, Staff and Visitors

Due to popular demand, users are now able to sign in Staff and Visitors in addition to Service Users. Staff or Visitor sign in is accessible via the new tabs at the top of the Register view. Staff register operates in an identical format to the Service User register but applicable to a list of Staff instead of Service Users. Visitor sign in requires the signer to enter the First and Last name of the Visitor prior to signing in.

StoriiCare Register
StoriiCare Register

➡ Bulk Sign In/Out

Using our new register selector tool, users are now able to sign in and out Service Users, Staff and Visitors in bulk. The bulk sign in/out options are accessible from the signature view, from which users are able to select additional individuals to sign in or out. This can be particularly useful if a large group are being signed in or out at once, for example, a bus driver signing in or out all those in their vehicle at once.

Register Bulk Sign In/Out
Register Bulk Sign In/Out

➡ 'Currently Present' Filter

Our previously popular 'Present Service Users' filter has now been updated to 'Currently Present' in order to be universally applied to both Service Users and Staff. A useful feature that can be used for taking activity attendance for all currently present service users, this can now be applied to staff for key use cases such as scheduling a task for all Currently Present staff.

Currently Present Filter
Currently Present Filter

➡ Attendance Schedule and Staff Rota displayed in Register

In a step towards connecting our Schedule feature to our Register feature, you are now able to view upcoming attendance schedules and staff rota schedules within the register view. If there is a schedule for that day for the service user or staff member, the Register feature will display the upcoming schedule directly below their name.

Attendance Schedule and Staff Rota displayed in Register
Attendance Schedule and Staff Rota displayed in Register

➡ Register design improvements

In order to better differentiate signed in and signed out individuals, we have added a line separator in between the two groups of individuals. We have also added a pulsating stripe to the right side of all signed in individuals to present those signed in as 'Active' within your business.

Thank you for all your feedback! We truly appreciate you helping us make StoriiCare the best it can be. If you have any feature ideas, feedback or interest in testing upcoming functionality, please visit our feature request board from your StoriiCare profile or get in touch!

❤ from the StoriiCare Team

Cameron Graham, CEO of StoriiCare
Cameron Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, StoriiCare
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