StoriiCare Product Update #36 – December 2021

StoriiCare Product Update #36 – December 2021

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December 16, 2021
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Summary of Updates

  • Tasks Exporting
  • Tasks roundup emails
  • Audio file uploads and audio player
  • Measurement description dropdowns
  • Calendar staff filter + Tasks showing in calendar

➡ Tasks Exporting

You are now able to export present, past and upcoming tasks in both PDF and CSV formats. Task exports are accessible via the 'Export' button on the top right hand side of the tasks feature and also within the dedicated Exports feature. Exporting tasks can be filtered by any combination of Staff, Service User or Task Type. Exports can also be filtered by current tasks (todays tasks + overdue), specific day/date ranges or upcoming tasks (all upcoming non-recurring tasks and the next recurrence of all recurring tasks).

Tasks Export Selection

Use case examples:

  • Exporting a PDF list of upcoming assessments due for a specific service user/staff member or group or service users/staff
  • Exporting a PDF list of all tasks for a specific service user over the past 3 months
  • Exporting a CSV list of all tasks within the last year to run external analysis
Example Tasks Export PDF

➡ Tasks roundup emails

You are now able to use our Workflows feature to setup automatic emails that include a 'roundup' / 'tasks statistics' for a chosen time period.

Tasks Roundup / Statistics Email

Use cases include:

  • Being sent a weekly email showing tasks status' for the week
  • Being sent a weekly email showing the tasks to-do for the upcoming week
  • Being sent a daily email showing the status of all tasks for that day

At current you are able to filter the tasks included in the email by staff member(s). This enables users to have multiple alerts being sent to varying staff members if required; only showing them their own specific task statistics.

To setup a workflow achieving one of the above uses cases, create a new workflow within the Workflows feature on StoriiCare. You will be presented within the option to choose a 'recent action' or ' time trigger' as a trigger. To access Task Statistics, choose 'time trigger'.

Workflows - Time trigger

You will have the option to choose when and on what recurring interval the email will be sent. For the 'data' stage, select the sole option of 'Tasks Statistics'.

Workflows - Select data source

You will be able to select past, current or future tasks and the duration of time into the past or future you would like to include. You also have the option to filter tasks by staff.

Workflows - Select time period and Action email

Ensure that an email or multiple emails are included in the action stage. Save your workflow and ensure that it has been enabled to start receiving emails at your set trigger time.

We will be making iterative updates and tweaks to Tasks roundup emails based on client feedback and usage.

➡ Audio file uploads and audio player

You are now able to directly upload audio files to any StoriiCare notes section. At current, .mp3 and .wav files are accepted. Audio files will be playable directly within the note. You will see the audio icon within the rich text toolbar of any note entry area.

Audio upload button

Use cases include:

  • Uploading a recorded staff announcement to the staff noticeboard
  • Uploading a Life Story recording to a Life Story question on a Service User's profile
  • Uploading an audio recording to the This is me, Care plan or Outcomes section of a Service User profile discussing their preferences and goals
  • Uploading an audio recording to a progress note
  • Uploading an audio recording to an incident or accident record
StoriiCare audio player

➡ Measurement description dropdowns

You are now able to include additional information when entering a measurement/vital sign on StoriiCare.

Users will see a new 'Description' column within the measurements feature.

Measurement Description Column

In order to have data accessible via the description dropdown, an administrator must first setup the dropdown options within measurement settings. A new 'Description' field within a measurement setting will let you select StoriiCare lists.

Measurements description setup

The available dropdowns are linked to the 'lists' feature, syncing with other available dropdowns on StoriiCare Forms or the Overview.

List selection/editing within Measurements

Multiple lists can be selected to be shown in the dropdown, and multiple descriptions can be selected when entering a measurement.

Use cases include:

  • Recording type of fluid when entering fluid intake - e.g. Water, Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice
  • Recording food type when entering calorie intake - e.g. Sandwich, Lasagne, Pizza
  • Recording a reason when entering a hospital admission - e.g. Fall, Chest pain, Urinary Infection

You can learn more about creating lists on StoriiCare here.

➡ Calendar staff filter + Tasks showing in calendar

Users will now see new filter options within the calendar. The first new option is a 'Filter by Staff' filter which allows users to filter all events by each staff member so they can quickly identify the activities they have been assigned to.

Calendar staff filter

The second new option lies within the main calendar dropdown - a Tasks filter. The new Calendar Tasks filter will pull all tasks from the Tasks feature into the Calendar view. By selecting a specific day, users will be able to see task details and change task status/enter task notes just like they can within the Tasks feature.

Calendar tasks filter

Thank you for all your feedback! We truly appreciate you helping us make StoriiCare the best it can be. If you have any feature ideas, feedback or interest in testing upcoming functionality, please visit our feature request board from your StoriiCare profile or get in touch!

We wish you and all our network across the world a Very Happy Holidays and we look forward to an exciting 2022! Keep an eye out for our upcoming year in review blog!🎄🎁🎅

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Cameron Graham, CEO of StoriiCare
Cameron Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, StoriiCare
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