StoriiCare Product Update #33 – October 2021

StoriiCare Product Update #33 – October 2021

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October 19, 2021
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Summary of Updates

  • Workflows release
  • Tasks update - Subtasks & Actions
  • Complete Forms via QR codes
  • New Service User permission settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts

➡ Workflows release

This week we released a new feature on StoriiCare - Workflows! 🎊🎊🎉🎉

This feature will enable users to build multiple workflows relative to their requirements, and we will be building new functionality for workflows based on user feedback and usage.

For our initial release, Workflows can be used to automatically send email notifications when any action occurs on StoriiCare.

Workflows Feature

You can create a workflow by selecting the 'Add' button on the right-hand side.

In order for a workflow to run, ensure that it is enabled by pressing the 'Toggle' to the right-hand side of the workflow panel.

Once a workflow has been named and an optional description added, you will be able to set it up. Click onto the workflow, and you will be presented with an option to select a trigger. A trigger at current can be any recent action on StoriiCare.

**There is a special trigger selection for 'Forms' recent actions that will let you select specific forms to be notified for, as opposed to being notified for every possible form. **

Select a workflow trigger

To receive any emails, you must also assign an action. At current, the only action available is to send an email. You may add as many emails as required to the action area.

Assign an action (send email) to be triggered by the workflow

Once your workflow is saved and enabled, you will receive emails based on the triggers you have set. We hope you enjoy using this feature and are interested to see what feedback and requests you may have!

By default, a 'Forms Emails' workflow will be pre-built in the workflows feature for all clients, with the notifying email address automatically pulled from your business account. Set this to run by changing the toggle to 'On'. You will then receive an email every time a form is completed on StoriiCare.

➡ Tasks Update - Subtasks & Actions

You are now able to create Subtasks on the StoriiCare Tasks feature. Subtasks enable multiple tasks to be scheduled within one main task for completion. Subtask groups can also be saved as a template to be re-used on future tasks.

Use cases include:

  • Setting intake/onboarding subtasks when a new Service User is added.(e.g. 4 Assessments and a Care Plan to be completed)
  • Creating a multi-process task such as 'Breakfast' which may require multiple tasks to be complete before it can be marked as completed.

Actions can now be applied to any subtask. Actions enable staff to complete an entry on StoriiCare without leaving the tasks feature. Actions available for this release include 'Log a Measurement', 'Fill a form' and 'Review a Care Plan'. Once subtasks set up, and specific actions are selected (e.g. Log a Measurement (Blood Pressure)) staff will be able to click the action directly from the task view, and enter the required data from the same page. To learn more about Subtasks, visit our dedicated training article.

StoriiCare Subtasks

➡ Complete Forms via QR Codes

Any form that can be completed via URL can now also be accessed via a QR code. This enables staff or any other individual to access a form via scanning a QR code on a mobile device. Use cases include:

  • Displaying QR Codes in a staff setting for quick access to important assessments or forms
  • Displaying QR Codes at a Family event or via a Community announcement for quick survey or NPS responses.
  • Sharing a QR code (via email or physical print) with a 3rd party professional (e.g. Doctor, Social worker) to easily access a required form.

You will find a QR code icon (highlighted below) within the settings of any Form on Form Builder. Select the icon to view the QR code for that form.

StoriiCare QR Code Access

Each QR code can be printed directly from StoriiCare by selecting the print icon. Clients are also able to screenshot QR codes and add them to any notes, notices, announcements or calendar event descriptions across StoriiCare.

Example StoriiCare Form QR Code

For easy staff access, you are also now able to display external Form URL's and QR codes in the 'Forms' feature in addition to the Form Builder settings. To enable this, access the Settings of any Form via the Form Builder and ensure the 'Show external URL in Forms' option is checked.

Show external URL in Forms

Once the 'Show external URL in Forms' option is checked, a globe icon will appear when accessing a Form in the 'Forms' feature. Selecting this icon will display the URL and QR code, as shown below, which can be copied or printed directly from the system.

Display URLs and QR Codes in the 'Forms' feature

➡ New Service User Permission Settings

If you limit Service User Staff access on StoriiCare, you will currently have the 'Assign Service Users to staff' toggle enabled on the Staff Roles Settings page. We received feedback that adding a new Service User with this feature enabled could be cumbersome, as staff had to manually assign or un-assign Service User access for each individual staff member. Today's update will make adding new Service Users a much easier process.

If you have the 'Assign Service Users to staff' toggle enabled, you will now be able to assign Staff Access to that Service User on the profile creation page (see below). Please note that at least one Staff member must have access to the Service User profile for the Profile to be created.

Add Staff access during Service User Profile Creation

➡ Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts were created specifically for StoriiCare power users. Quickly navigate around StoriiCare using just a keyboard!

To display our shortcut keys table guide (as shown below), press the Ctrl + /  keys (Ctrl and forward slash) at the same time on your computer or laptop .

StoriiCare Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

In order to be able to better visualize StoriiCare Keyboard shortcuts, you are able to enable shortcut visual displays on features by pressing Ctrl + . (Ctrl and period) on your keyboard. You can press the same keys again to re-hide the shortcuts if preferred.

StoriiCare Keyboard Shortcuts

Thank you for all your feedback! We truly appreciate you helping us make StoriiCare the best it can be. If you have any feature ideas, feedback or interest in testing upcoming functionality, please visit our feature request board from your StoriiCare profile or get in touch!

❤ from the StoriiCare Team

Cameron Graham, CEO of StoriiCare
Cameron Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, StoriiCare
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