How to create a Storii account

How to create a Storii account

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June 18, 2020
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We enable our users to create, share and preserve memories with loved ones. Storage is unlimited, so upload as much media as you want!

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Step One

It only takes a minute to sign up to Storii. Simply visit our website here and click register. Once you reach the registration page, enter a valid email address and after you've chosen a username and password you're good to go! You can now store a lifetime of memories for FREE.

Step Two

Upon completing the registration process, an interactive step-by-step tutorial will appear, guiding you through the platform basics. Storii has been built to be intuitive for all ages. You will find our pages fairly simple to navigate and if you do have any questions or feedback you can always post your comments in the bottom right-hand corner popup and we will get back to you shortly.

After completing or skipping the tutorial, you can access your profile page. This can be personalised to your liking by clicking the 'edit' button within the top right-hand corner. You will be presented with the following options below.

Create an account | Storii
  • Profile

Within the profile settings, you can choose an image and cover photo which best represents you. You also have options to include your personal information i.e age, gender, occupation, education within your profile page.

  • Account

In the account section, you can edit your general settings such as; time zone, language, changes in your email address and so on. It also gives you the option to adjust what your followers can have access to and whether you want to be tagged in photos. You can also select whether you want to accept requests for archive access or keep your profile completely private.

  • Care Circle

The care circle is where you can choose who can manage your account on your behalf. This is particularly useful if you want to create a Storii account for your children or if you have an elderly friend or relative that you would like to create an account for.

  • Invite

This gives you the opportunity to invite all your friends and family to use Storii so that you can keep up-to-date with them and share stories. You'll be automatically connected when they accept your invitation.

  • Privacy

The privacy setting gives you the option to choose who sees what from your Storii account.

Step Three

Now to the fun part, building your life story. You can add all sorts of media to Storii including audio, videos, images, text and links (youtube, imgur, vimeo etc). Our next 'how-to' blog post will explain how to add media - so stay tuned!

Create an account | Storii
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