7 Ways StoriiCare Can Be Used for Senior Living Marketing Content

7 Ways StoriiCare Can Be Used for Senior Living Marketing Content

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June 18, 2020
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Senior Living Marketing Content

This article is part of a series on how to increase your ROI with StoriiCare, a care coordination and activities recording software. Click here to see the other articles on how to use StoriiCare to its fullest potential.

There are many ways care providers can increase their ROI with StoriiCare. Seeing occupancy numbers go up and experiencing a growing revenue stream requires more than the finest amenities and excellent CQC or Care Inspectorate ratings. High quality, original content for your sales, marketing and outreach initiatives are paramount to seeing a return on your investment. Fortunately, StoriiCare is a wonderful tool for supercharging your senior living marketing efforts.

Here are seven ways our care plan software can be used to collect engaging content. In turn, these help your sales team and activity directors convert potential leads:

Record resident stories for blog and newsletter articles or email campaigns

Potential clients are more likely to choose your community if they feel they’re being spoken to by a person, not a business. This is where using your own residents’ stories and experiences in your marketing materials can be highly valuable. Consider incorporating your residents into blog posts and emails regularly. Have staff record resident memories and stories in General Notes or Media. If you get one resident interview every month, you’ll have 25% of your weekly blog ideas for the year sorted. Furthermore, you’ve generated content that is guaranteed to connect with your audience and make a move-in easier.

Store Media to use later for marketing materials

Photos and videos are excellent forms of social content for digital marketing. Events and activities are happening all the time in your facility. Make sure staff are capturing them on StoriiCare and saving them to the Media section of our platform. This way, you’ll already have a wealth of clips and photos to use in your content the next time a marketing campaign rolls around. Additionally, these make great content for newsletters or emails. Of course, always make sure you obtain permission from the service user and/or their loved ones before using their photos for marketing materials.  

Document a resident’s journey to use for a case study

Can you think of a resident who was depressed when they first moved in, but has flourished in your community? What about a resident who overcame a challenge with the help and support of your staff? 

Chances are you can probably think of multiple! Document these journeys and successes in the care plan template, and  you've collected material ripe for a great case study. If permission from the resident and their family is granted, you can publish case studies on your website or share them with prospective residents. 

Use ‘This is Me’ to feature information about new residents 

Showcase your senior living community’s welcoming kindness and value of personal connections by featuring new residents in your newsletter, website, or social channels. With their permission, add some fun by sharing a photo and the information you would have gathered in their ‘This is Me’ section. For example, consider including things like a hobby, personal motto, the card game they always win at, their favourite ice cream flavour, or a book recommendation. 

Use General Notes from team meetings to inspire podcast material 

A well-produced podcast (or being featured on one) can build traffic and establish you as a thought-leader in the sector. Review notes from your latest team meetings. You could find great content that leads to relevant talking points and showcases the progressiveness or innovation of your community. Podcasts are growing in popularity. Therefore, this is an avenue senior living communities could tap into for attracting prospective clients.

Use Analytics reports to impress prospective residents and their families

Use StoriiCare’s analytics and reporting features to educate prospects. For example, showcase any areas of growth and focus on data points that serve residents. This shows people that you track valuable information and use data-driven evidence to inform your decisions about the care you provide. 

Display the Activity Calendar and photos of residents on a TV in your lounge

“We have StoriiCare set up on a TV screen in our reception area, which gives the planned activities for the day. Plus, there is a public gallery function which allows me to upload any amount of photos of my choosing. Visitors love to come in and see pictures of their loved ones joining in activities and stop to look at the screen. New visitors who come to the home also get to see how active and happy the service users are living here, which gives them more confidence in us.”

Arlene, Leisure & Wellbeing Officer

Take it from our customer, Arlene. When you display your StoriiCare Activity Calendar and include photos from the Public calendar folder in the Media section, it builds confidence in prospective residents & families.

A home health worker shares a tablet with an elderly woman