Why Your Family History is Important

Why Your Family History is Important

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June 18, 2020
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Acknowledging and learning more about your family history can help you understand the lives of your ancestors. You don't necessarily have to carry out extensive genealogy research, the power of simply asking your living relatives about their life stories is a great place to start. Here's a few reasons why your family history is important and why you should learn more about your origins and roots.

To Preserve your Family Heritage

You can show you care about your heritage by preserving family memories on StoriiCare. Capture and preserve life moments using a variety of audio, text, images & videos. With StoriiCare you can document your family life stories in one, secure place which is accessible worldwide. Have a read of our blog post on how to leave a visual legacy to get you started (here).

To Discover Medical History

From researching family history you may even discover genetic conditions or diseases that run in the family which may be worthwhile taking note of. Compiling a comprehensive list of previous generations medical history may be very useful for your doctor or future generations to know. If you are concerned about anything in particular, perhaps have a discussion with your doctor about something you have learned.

Treasure Generations of Family Traditions

How well do you know your relatives? People's life stories are powerful and can contain surprising and wonderful tales. Try to find out as much detail as you can through simple questions with your relatives. Take a photo on StoriiCare and scribe the description, or record a video of your relative telling the story. You can ask them about their childhood, life events, old traditions or even what advice they'd like to pass on to future generations.

Know the History Behind Old Family Photos

Talking to your relatives and finding out your family history may help you to shed some light on old family photos. With StoriiCare you can add descriptions, locations & dates to each photo. If you are able to capture a relative telling the story behind a photo in their own words you can even create a narrated memory. Read more about narrated memories here.

StoriiCare is a life story and reminiscence platform helping to improve lives through memories. Visit our website to find out more!


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