See You at the NADSA Conference!

See You at the NADSA Conference!

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June 18, 2020
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NADSA Conference 2019

It's conference season, folks. We're sending our co-founder and CEO, Cameron Graham to the National Adult Day Services Association's annual conference. This year's NADSA conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from October 24-October 25.

NADSA is one of our favorite conferences, as the adult day services sector is growing and it is an exciting time to be a part of it! There are incredible workshops and events for both emerging and seasoned providers. This is a great opportunity for leadership teams to come learn and get inspired by innovative strategies.

Be sure to stop by the StoriiCare table, where Cameron will be ready to give you a tour of our award-winning activity recording and care management platform.

Digitze All of Your Care Processes with StoriiCare

Calendar Templates for Senior Centers

StoriiCare helps adult day care providers transition from paper-based systems to digital care management with ease. While we offer a full-fledged care management system, we also provide an Activity Pro package tailored to activity and wellness teams.

Using any device with an internet connection, care staff can use StoriiCare to:

  • Build and manage calendars
  • Take activity attendance
  • Sign In & Sign Out
  • Schedule service users and transportation times
  • Engage with service user families through Storii
  • Customize service user profiles
  • Use our service user engagement tools
  • Run reminiscence sessions
  • Carry out assessments
  • File incident/accident reports
  • Write and store Progress Notes and Care Plans

...and much more!
To see more, visit our website at or see a demo today!

A home health worker shares a tablet with an elderly woman