5 Ways To Spark Up Conversation With Older Relatives

5 Ways To Spark Up Conversation With Older Relatives

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Conversations Starters

Use these fun questions to spark up engaging, meaningful conversation with your older relatives. Get to know your loved ones better! You never know what you might find out.

Here are 5 conversations prompts to bring up the next time you visit an elderly loved one:

Do you miss anything from the 'good old days'?

Many of your older relatives would have lived long before technology came to influence our everyday lives. They are likely to have a fond nostalgia of their younger days. This can be a great opportunity for a trip down memory lane. Try using some of these reminiscence tools to enhance the conversation. It may help them recall even more memories.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

You may uncover your family member's long-lost passion or an interesting hobby they might have had when they were young. Their childhood dream could have been something you never would have expected!

Who were your heroes or role models when you were young?

This is a great way to get your older relatives reminiscing. A role model to them could be a famous icon from when they were growing up or even their neighbor down the street who they found admirable. Speaking about how their role models affected them growing up is a great start to an interesting conversation.

What have you done that makes you proud?

Finding out what your loved ones treasure most is a great way to get an insight into what they feel passionate about. This question will perhaps prompt your loved one to share an interesting story of when their child was born or the day they got married. It's an excellent opportunity to ask questions and bond.

What is the best advice your parents gave you?

This question is an exciting one, as advice comes in different forms. Some parents offer words of wisdom that come from years of experience, whilst others are blunt yet brutally honest about the nature of life. All advice is appreciated and this will certainly be intriguing. Especially if it is the only one piece of advice that has stuck with them throughout the years.

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What conversation starters would you use to spark a rich and meaningful conversation with your older loved ones? We welcome your thoughts & comments below.

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