How to Find the BEST Digital Care Planning Software

How to Find the BEST Digital Care Planning Software

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June 18, 2020
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Find the BEST Digital Care Planning Software for Your Senior Care Business

Health and social care sectors are adopting more technology. Care facilities are increasingly switching from a paper-based care planning process to  digital ones. There are many digital care planning software providers, each one offering various features and functionality. 

So, how do you choose?

Well, no two care providers are the same, so it would be silly to provide a checklist. You are going to know what solutions will work for your team and processes best. 

Here are some considerations to start with when searching for a digital care plan software:

Is there adequate reporting?

There should be much more to a care planning software than the care plans themselves. As you use the platform, you enter a lot of data and that data can be generated into reports in seconds. When considering a supplier, ask what types of analytics their software can generate. Falls? Activity Participation? Usage? Medical Errors? A good solution should be data-rich, tracking the points that are important to your business. Analytics are vital in helping you make evidence-based decisions about future care.

What is the management overview like?

If you’re managing a care home or multiple facilities, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything going on in your workplace. One of the benefits of a digital care system is that you can potentially see a high-level overview of the home(s) performance, actions taken, notices read, plans updated, reports filed, etc. Ask about what features are particular to management. Is there is a separate business/group account if you are managing multiple locations?

How will it be implemented?

You’ll want to pick a software that can be configured to the way you work and the systems you already use. ‘Out of the box’ software isn’t ideal for something like a care setting. It doesn’t allow for training, custom configuration, or performance review. In other words, you'll want to make sure to ask potential providers about their onboarding process, training and support options, and configurability. Above all, check out our Guide to Successful Care Management System Implementation. This article provides practical steps you can take internally as you pilot a new system.

Do they have reputable customer support? 

No matter how efficient and effective your software is, bugs will happen and problems will arise. Therefore, it is important to pick a supplier that has a reliable support team and a variety of help resources. Consider, are there multiple ways you can get immediate help (tweet, live message, email, call, etc.)? Ask how issues get reported and fixed. Search for customer reviews online. Find out their customer satisfaction rate. Do they seem to value feedback? For instance, are there consistent product updates (meaning they’re improving their platform and listening to their client requests)? 

In conclusion, keep these points in mind as you shop around for the right care planning software. You’re bound to end up with something robust, reliable, and right for your facility. 

StoriiCare is one of many great software options when it comes to digital care management and activities recording. However, we certainly think it’s the best ;) We’re always here to help you find the right solution. Here’s how you can reach us to find out if StoriiCare would make the perfect fit for your business:

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