Case Study: Customize Digital Care Management With StoriiCare

Case Study: Customize Digital Care Management With StoriiCare

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June 18, 2020
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A StoriiCare Case Study

Independent Adult Day Care Centers operates two state-of-the-art day care facilites in the Indianapolis area with over 400 service users. They provide holistic, person-centered programming to those ages 18 and up living with disabilities or ailments. By providing transportation, personal care, medical services and customized activity plans, they give carers respite and provide an alternative to nursing homes and institutional care.

The Challenge: A Unique Care Model  

IADCC is staffed with highly-trained medical professionals. They provide monthly checkups, medication administration, diabetic care, dressing changes, feeding tube and ostomie care. Not all adult day care centers in the U.S. follow a medical model, making their requirements unmet by many software providers.

"We'd tried two other software providers and discovered that we couldn't just pick a cookiecutter system and evolve it to what we really needed it to be. We could track everything better in the Excel program our owner had custom-built, but it was too time-consuming to maintain and manage.

After seeing several vendor demos, our leadership team settled on using StoriiCare. I had a lot of doubts to begin with, especially since it was a fresher vendor. I thought, 'Oh, here we go again'. We've been down this road before. It can cause a lot of disruption to reteach the staff a new program and I was very wary that it could meet the challenge."

Lisa Chubb, Vice President

The Solution


IADCC can completely customize their 'This is Me' module, where service users' assessment information is compiled.


StoriiCare is designed for and used by both Assisted Living and Adult Day Care facilities, making it a win-win for IADCC's care model.


IADCC reported that minimal training time for staff was required because of how intuitive and userfriendly StoriiCare is.


IADCC can easily request changes to the platform and get a response from
StoriiCare's support team within minutes.

"I have been very pleasantly surprised. We didn't spend much time at all teaching staff how to use StoriiCare because it is so user-friendly. StoriiCare has been amazing from day one. No solution is perfect and it still has its challenges, but as it evolves we're extremely happy with all of it. It is definitely individualized for what we need."

Lisa Chubb, Vice President

The Benefits


"Our staff know what they're responsible for. Each day, they come in and see what they're going to be doing and what their tasks are on StoriiCare. They can check them off or make changes on the go. All the information they need is in one spot. StoriiCare has made operations simple and given staff more clarity around what they're accountable for."

Ben LoPiccolo, Business Analyst


"If something comes up or we need to notify staff about a change, we can
do that quickly and easily through the Staff Noticeboard feature. Before StoriiCare, we would have to find a time when everyone was free to meet. Inevitably, there is always going to be a member of staff busy assisting a service user. StoriiCare has made it so much easier to communicate as a staff."

Ben LoPiccolo, Business Analyst


"Most of our operations now live in StoriiCare and hopefully, as time progresses, even more will live there. StoriiCare met most of our needs in the beginning and is working to meet all of them in the future."

Ben LoPiccolo, Business Analyst

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