StoriiCare: The Carista Alternative

StoriiCare: The Carista Alternative

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November 25, 2020
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Carista, a UK information management system widely used across the care sector, announced it would be ending system support at the end of 2020. Carista is used for functionality such as outcomes, support planning, rotas, and managing KPIs from a centralised location. There is a pressing need for care providers using Carista to find and transition to an alternative care management software.

What is happening to Carista?

Essentially, Carista is going offline. No improvements or updates will be made to the system, which leaves providers vulnerable. The lack of development will inevitably have negative consequences on workplace efficiencies for anyone using the system.

What are providers doing next?

Unless a provider has managed to acquire alternative support arrangements, it is highly likely that they will need to search for the next best care management solution. Many executive teams will see this as an opportunity to enact valuable changes and improvements in their business. Rather than simply replacing a tool, they're taking the chance to evaluate what is and isn't working within current systems and processes.

- How do staff use (or not use) Carista?

- What are the key recording processes it supports?

- Where are the gaps in the system?

- In a new system, what functionality is essential? Nice-to-have? Unneeded?

Considering these questions before hitting the marketplace should help narrow a search considerably. A new system means change and change, while difficult, can yield tremendous growth. The upside to acquiring a new care management system is the potential for there to be an increase staff and service user satisfaction, improvements in CQC ratings or Care Inspectorate grades, and reduction in workflow inefficiencies.

StoriiCare as an alternative to Carista

StoriiCare has already helped UK housing associations and adult day care providers migrate off of the platform. We recognise every care community operates differently. Each has their own set of requirements when it comes to what they're looking for as a replacement to Carista. Care providers use StoriiCare as a modern, person-centred solution for: 

  • Scheduling and recording care
  • Forms and assessments
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Outcomes management
  • Digital Signage
  • Care and support plans

If you would like to see the full scope of what StoriiCare do, explore our website and book a demo with one of our friendly team members! We're here to support you through your transition.

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