5 Reasons You Need Activity Director Software

5 Reasons You Need Activity Director Software

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June 18, 2020
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Activity Professionals: Digitize Your Workflow

What is Activity Director Software?

Software built for activity professionals is a welcome addition to any care community. Activity director software complements any care management or EMR platform your senior care community may already be using. Just like the nursing staff and care managers, activity professionals benefit from digitizing their workflow and future-proofing their care provision. Activity programs tend to be the lifeblood of senior care communities. A vibrant community life is attractive to prospective residents. Moreover, a well-planned, diverse event schedule and progressive technologies are huge selling points. Therefore, it is important to invest in your activity program.

StoriiCare is a care management software company that has curated an Activity Pro package. This package is specifically designed with activity professionals in mind. The select features enhance resident engagement, family connection, activity planning, participation tracking and so much more!

Here are 5 of the reasons your senior living community needs activity director software:

Calendar Management

Nursing Home Activity Calendar Template on Laptop

StoriiCare enables activity professionals to quickly and easily create custom calendars. Calendars can be for events, activities, appointments, etc. Search the enormous database of activities for planning inspiration. Print off a monthly calendar or display a virtual one on your website. Enable family members to sign up for events alongside their loved one. Easily take attendance directly from the calendar. Make live changes without having to re-print or redistribute information. There is a lot of organization and management that goes into developing an activity program. StoriiCare's activity calendar features save activity professionals valuable time. They could be spending that time caring for residents.

Family Connectivity

Engage Resident Families with Storii Family App

Activity Directors are often the face of the care community. They tend to interact with families more than other staff. Therefore, they play a vital role in building trust and connection between families, residents and your care home. With StoriiCare, Activity Directors can connect family members to their loved one's secure profile through the Storii Family app. From their Storii account, relatives can view:

  • Community announcements
  • Direct messages from care staff
  • Daily activity schedule
  • Their loved one's activity participation
  • Photos and videos uploaded by staff

Relatives can also involve themselves by contributing to their loved one's personal profile:

  • Curating music and video playlists
  • Saving significant places to their profile (integration with Google Street View)
  • Uploading photos, videos, audio recordings

These connectivity features make it easy for activity professionals to manage communication with families. Additionally, the Storii Family app fosters stronger feelings of connection and peace of mind for relatives who cannot be with their loved one all the time.

Digital Signage

StoriiCare Digital Signage

When families are looking for a new home for their loved one, they often tour multiple places. Therefore, it's important for senior care communities to stand out from the competition. One way to leave a great first impression is to have digital signage in the lobby. Or, wherever visitors are sure to see it. StoriiCare's digital signage allows care communities to display their daily activity schedule, monthly calendar, and a slideshow of photos on a TV. Consequently, when visitors see how happy and active your residents are, it will give them more confidence in your care!  

Activity Analytics & Participation Tracking

Track Important Data with StoriiCare Analytics

Keeping track of data spreadsheets is a time-intensive project. Activity Directors are already spread thin when it comes to time. Software like StoriiCare stores and generates important data points for you. No extra work on your part. With the click of a button, you can view a wide variety of analytics for your community or specific residents. This rich data collection has helped senior care clients apply for grants, inform development decisions, make budget changes, share concerns with resident family members, and evidence quality of care to regulatory bodies.

Resident Engagement

Person-Centered Care Software

StoriiCare originated as a life story and reminisence software. Then, over time, it expanded into the care management platform it is today. Overall, it's focus has always been on being the gold-standard for person-centered care. All resident profiles are built with engagement tools that help activity professionals with building up their client's life stories. The Media, Playlists and Places features are used to support your weekly activities (think: using Places for Armchair Travel or Playlists for a Music Trivia game). Additionally, the Storii Family app enables relatives to contribute to profiles. Consequently, this can enrich reminisence therapy sessions and your general knowledge of client background and history. Using StoriiCare on a tablet or computer, you can engage residents in developing tech skills, too! They might be suprised at how easy it is.

Interested in seeing if StoriiCare is the right fit for your business? You can get a free, live demonstration of the platform. Schedule a time that works for you here.

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