5 Reasons We're Excited for Disabled Access Day 2019
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5 Reasons We're Excited for Disabled Access Day 2019

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Disabled Access Day 2019

The New Year always takes the cake when it comes to resolutions and goal setting. But what about the start of spring? There is something about seeing the fruit trees blossoming, the world getting greener and the sun showing its face more often that creates a stirring in the spirit for growth. Something fresh. Something new. Don't you think?

Disabled Access Day UK is just around the corner and this is the perfect opportunity to participate in and celebrate access for all, while trying something new! The more accessible our businesses, schools, shops, parks, museums and streets get, the better it is for everyone. Consider what changes you can make personally, or what you could advocate for. Here's a guest post from Euan's Guide to tell you more about it:

It's now just 16 days until Disabled Access Day and we are so eager to kick start the activities and events on Saturday, 16th March 2019! Looking for a place to celebrate? Check out this year's line up to find the venue or event nearest you! So, without further ado, here are five reasons we can't wait for Disabled Access Day 2019!

5 Reasons We Can't Wait for Disabled Access Day

1. We're ready to try something new! Disabled Access Day is all about #YouAndSomewhereNew and we're excited to get (a little) out of our comfort zones!

2. We're looking forward to reading your reviews! Disabled Access Day is a good opportunity to add new reviews to Euan's Guide and make it easier for disabled people to find great places to go.

3. We're curious about the event line-up! It's not just disabled people trying something new on Disabled Access Day, it's a chance for visitor attractions and public places to stretch their boundaries and introduce something different to their everyday!

4. We're all for Changing Places and can't wait to see the photos, discussions and buzz around these necessary facilities.

5. We're excited to see what you get up to! What will you share with us on the day? Take a picture and post it with the hashtag #YouandSomewhereNew on March 16 (or before).

If you're as excited as we are, don't forget to sign up on the Disabled Access Day website to keep up to date with all the latest announcements. You can also follow @Access_Day on Twitter!

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