3 Strategies for Reducing Care Staff Turnover
Taylor Vander Well

3 Strategies for Reducing Care Staff Turnover

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June 18, 2020
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3 Strategies for Reducing Care Staff Turnover is part of a series on how to increase your ROI with StoriiCare, a care coordination and activities recording software. Click here to see the other articles on how to use StoriiCare to its fullest potential. 

StoriiCare transforms the way care staff work. In doing so, it can reduce care staff turnover. When implemented effectively with proper support and training, StoriiCare has been shown to greatly improve staff satisfaction and retention. 

Here are three strategic ways care management can use StoriiCare to reduce staff turnover:

Keep an Eye on Staff Analytics & Recent Actions

Managers in senior living communities can’t be everywhere at once. However, with StoriiCare, they almost can be. Staff Analytics allows managers to see how much time each member of staff is spending on StoriiCare. Additionally, it shows how many actions each staff is taking. When using Staff Notifications to instantly broadcast important messages, senior care management can see who has read their notifications and who they need to follow up with. 

Take a look at this example from one of our clients:

“From the management side of things, I can go on and see when activities are getting logged or notes are getting made. I can see if a staff member isn’t checking their staff notices, isn’t commenting, isn’t logging activities or writing up daily notes. That’s a good way we can flag up and follow through with asking, ‘Is everything alright with this staff member? Are they struggling with StoriiCare? Do they need a bit more support? Are there reasons why they aren’t completing their documentation?"

Gemma M., Senior Support Worker

Being able to identify which members of staff are struggling to fulfill their duties allows you to resolve issues before they become detrimental to the quality of care provided. Additionally, with a concerned and caring approach, staff will feel acknowledged and supported. In turn, employees more likely to continue working in your facility. 

Declutter Your Care Processes

The number one thing we hear care staff rave about when they start using StoriiCare is how much time it cuts down on paperwork. No more messy, overflowing charts, documents getting lost or filed in the wrong resident’s folder, paperwork eating up lunch breaks, or cluttered staff break rooms. 

In turn, this leads to staff who get to spend more time doing the part of the job they love: spending time with the service users. 

Job satisfaction goes up. Care staff turnover goes down. 

It is a good idea to slowly implement care processes on StoriiCare over several months. However, the more tasks you transition to carrying out digitally, the better. Not only will it save more time, but it is proven to increase follow through and efficiency.

Connect Friends and Relatives

The second most common thing we hear care staff rave about when using StoriiCare is the Family Portal. When families feel disconnected from their loved one in care, who do they have a tendency to take it out on? 

Yep, you guessed it. Your care staff. 

Disgruntled and dissatisfied family members are one of the many complicated parts of a carer’s job that can lead to stress and burnout. 

When friends or relatives create a Storii account, they can see which Activities their loved one has participated in. If allowed, they can also sign up to events alongside their loved one. No more remaining suspicious that grandma stays in her room all day. They can read person-centered notes from care staff and message on the platform rather than calling non-stop. They can view photos of their loved one that have been uploaded and feel at peace. Additionally, family and friends can contribute to their loved one’s profile! This can be done by creating playlists, adding to places and uploading photos or videos. In turn, this can actually give care staff valuable information and resources to better connect with their residents. 

StoriiCare is an easy and efficient way to build excellent rapport with families. The best part: families benefit from seeing what you’re already recording, so there isn’t an added burden on your staff.

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