How Managers Can Introduce New Technology to Care Staff
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How Managers Can Introduce New Technology to Care Staff

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June 18, 2020
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Introducing New Technology to Care Staff

In this modern age of computers and electronics, the connection between technology and caregiving is substantial, to say the least, and as medicinal advances continue to be made, this connection is certain to grow from strength to strength. As a result of this relationship, it’s becoming more crucial than ever to implement and utilise the latest technological advancements within the care sector in order to improve the lives of those we look after.

However, while technology is undoubtedly a great asset to the healthcare service sector, it can also be incredibly difficult to navigate and get to grips with. In order to help your care staff feel comfortable and at ease with the latest technological advancements, this guide written by Sova Healthcare, will seek to offer a step by step insight on how best to introduce the latest technology to your care staff; allowing them to feel content and happy within the admittedly sometimes confusing world of electronic systems.

Let Everyone Know That New Technology Will Be Arriving Soon

The healthcare sector heavily relies on technology to improve the lives of those it looks after. However, with advancements being made so frequently, it can be difficult to keep track of the new tools and equipment that are being brought in. Therefore in order to give your staff the best head start possible, each time a new piece of technology is about to be purchased for the workplace, it’s important to inform your staff well in advance of the upcoming technological changes. By doing this, your staff can be alert and ready for the impending advancements.

Communicate the Benefits of The New Technology

While it’s great to tell your care staff about any new technology they can expect to see within the future, it’s perhaps even more important to explain why this equipment is being implemented in the first place. The healthcare sector is an incredibly important and critical line of work, and every piece of equipment and apparatus has an integral function. Therefore every new piece of technology needs to be introduced formally and extensively to each member of staff; not only so that they can be aware of future changes, but also so they can be instructed on exactly why this technology has been implemented, and how it’s going to benefit the lives of their patients or residents.

Have Training Sessions

With such sensitive and important technology also comes great responsibility. As such it’s important that all staff receive thorough training on each new technological piece of equipment that is brought into the workplace. By ensuring that every person is completely comfortable in both understanding and using the technology, you can rest assured that both your staff and your residents will be getting the most out of the equipment.

Encourage Feedback

The Home Care sector runs and is built on effective communication, not only between patients and staff but also between the staff themselves.  When new technology is introduced to the workplace, it’s important to encourage everyone to give feedback and communicate their thoughts and feelings on how the device is progressing. Every person, workplace and member of staff is unique, and this means that not everyone is going to always have the same experiences and opinions on each piece of technology.

If you’re receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on a certain piece of technology, it may well be worth investing in more. Similarly, if you’re constantly hearing about problems and issues the technology is causing your staff, it may well be worth reassessing whether your staff needs more training, or simply even if the technology needs to be completely removed from the workplace altogether. By being open to feedback and listening to your staff’s experience with the technology, you can rest assured that you are always running not only an effective workplace but also an effective team.

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