How Our Elder Years Can Be Our Happiest Years

How Our Elder Years Can Be Our Happiest Years

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June 18, 2020
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New research has discovered that your elder years are really your happiest years. Old age is normally associated with short-term memory, declining health and loneliness. However, it has been shown that happiness and well-being are the highest in an adult's senior years. While young adults often seek the thrills of far-flung holidays or extraordinary experiences, older people tend to derive their greatest level of happiness from simple, everyday occurrences such as going for tea or coffee with family. Indeed, the levels of happiness in later years often exceeds those of young and older adults.

The following infographic provided by Be Independent Home Care explains what causes us to be so happy in our elder years. It proves that ageing is a lot less scary that many people think, so we all need to stop worrying about getting older and start looking forward to the future!

Happy Ageing
A home health worker shares a tablet with an elderly woman