StoriiCare | How To Create a Life Playlist

StoriiCare | How To Create a Life Playlist

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As a care provider, you can create a simple yet powerful life playlist with StoriiCare. Organise a resident's favourite songs into a series of playlists which can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world.

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Step 1. Accessing entertainment

To start creating a life playlist, access a resident's profile, either as a member of staff or as a family member that has been granted access. Select the Entertainment tab next to 'Archive' on their profile and you will be presented with the Entertainment page.


Step 2. Creating a playlist

On this page, you have the option to create a custom playlist by clicking 'Add playlist'. You will then be prompted to choose a name for this playlist. Once it is created, all you have to do is search for the videos you'd like to include by using the 'Search Youtube' field on the left of the screen. When you find a suitable video, select the 'Add to playlist' button below it. With StoriiCare you can add as many videos to as many playlists as you would like.

Step 3. Put the playlist to good use

Now that you've created a playlist, you can sit with a resident side by side in an individual or group reminiscence session and listen or watch their favourite music or films. For many residents, the simple activity of listening to music from years ago can be incredibly emotive - especially if a particular song rekindles a beloved memory or signifies a special moment of their life. You can read more about the benefits of music reminiscence therapy in our previous blog post.

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