Christmas Traditions That All The Family Will Love

Christmas Traditions That All The Family Will Love

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Christmas is the best time to reconnect with your family, share old stories and of course - traditions! Here are some of our favourite family traditions which will help you create memories that will last a lifetime (suitable for kids aged 1-99).

Helping those in need

Helping those in need is a selfless and fruitful way of giving something back this Christmas. It can also teach children a valuable lesson in appreciation of what you have. Going to a local care home for a friendly visit, visiting the cat and dog home with some tasty treats to feed the animals, helping out at a homeless shelter or leaving a mysterious sack of toys at a children's hospital - Whatever it is, there are so many ways to give back this Christmas.

Open ONE Present Before Christmas

Gather the family and put everyone's name into a bag. Pick names, and whoever's name you pick out of the bag you have to buy a set of pyjamas. Set this tradition each year so that everyone has a new pair of pyjamas which they get to open on Christmas Eve. Everyone will then be prepared for Christmas Day in their fluffy new sleepwear.

Plan a Movie Night

Plan a movie night and get everyone to snuggle in front of the TV with your favourite festive film. Make sure you buy a supply of mince pies and other Christmas party nibbles for everyone to enjoy.

Book a Pantomime

Pantomimes are always such a fun day out for the family. At Christmas, it's the perfect way to bring a smile to everyone's face. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance as they tend to sell out fast!

Round Robin / Christmas Letter

Write up a Christmas card with a little recap of how each family member has got on this year. You can include things like milestones, anniversaries, achievements and so forth. Christmas letters are a really great way to keep in touch with extended family or relatives who live far away. You can keep them updated on what's happened throughout the year with a full recap. You can even personalise the card by adding a family photo downloaded and printed from your Storii archive!

Personalise Your Christmas baubles

Creating your own Christmas baubles is a fun activity that you can do every year to personalise your Christmas tree. Everyone in the family can get involved too. Set a task to draw up the designs and then you can all work together to make your Christmas creations come alive.

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What are your family traditions for having a merry little Christmas?

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