4 Reminiscence Photo Projects

4 Reminiscence Photo Projects

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Reminiscence Activity: Life Story Photo Projects

We've compiled 6 Reminiscence Photo Projects for senior care communities to use as part of their activities programming. While these projects are easy enough for activity teams to implement themselves, Activity Directors may benefit from bringing in a photographer or art therapist to facilitate. The benefits of life story work for those with dementia is well researched and documented.

Then & Now

This captivating picture is from a project called Dear Photograph. The project is dedicated to using analog photographs from the past and blending them into photographs taken in the present. On the Dear Photograph website, people also share the heartwarming stories behind their photographs. It is a great project for reliving a memory. The technique is easy: get a picture from the past and then take a photo of it in the present.

reminiscence photo project

Photo Credit: Dear Photograph

Pop Up Polaroids

This one is more of an arts and craft project and can be used with past or present photos. First, you have to ask family members to bring in old polaroids from their loved one's life that they wouldn't mind parting with. But if that's not possible, you could have someone good with editing fake polaroid images using Photoshop or scan and print existing polariods so the originals can stay in mint condition. The third option would be to use a camera that actually takes polaroid shots and take photos during the activity to use. After you have collected or captured some cool snapshots in a polaroid format, cut around characters or object in the photo to create a 3D pop-up effect. Residents may need assistance using scissors or exact-o knives to do the cutting.

creative photography projects to inspire

Photo Credit: Miss Modular

Past & Present

This is a great, simple reminiscence photo project! All you have to do is find an old snapshot of participants back in their youth and them hold it against one side of their face to represent the past and present. You can always have the image enlarged professionally or enlarge it yourself at work with a scanner and some basic editing. It is always surprising to see how much someone can change over the decades. You can use this idea with anyone in various life stages for example one from childhood or one from adolescence.

Photo credit: 9gag

creative photography projects to inspire

Photo Credit: Lorena Cosba

Music & Memories

Reminiscence activities can be even more powerful when more than one of the senses is engaged. Seeing photos while hearing music associated with the time or place you're seeing, can help recall memories. StoriiCare's digital care management system allows care staff, residents and relatives to collaborate on creating personalized media albums and playlists. This equips care staff with powerful tools to provide person-centered care and high quality reminiscence therapy. Relatives or care staff can then use StoriiCare to flip through a digital photo album while simultaneously playing music from their personalized playlist.

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