23 Holiday Activities To Do With Your Elderly Loved Ones

23 Holiday Activities To Do With Your Elderly Loved Ones

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Christmas is just around the corner and people are rushing around, buying presents and going to Christmas parties. Let's make sure that our elderly loved ones aren't forgotten during this festive period. Bear in mind that Christmas time can be a particularly lonely time for some - especially for those who don't have family or for those in care.

Why don't you show your elderly friends and family some love and attention:

Take a look at this fun list of activities and find out which ones they would like to do to celebrate the festive season.

Christmas Prep

1. Write Christmas cards

2. Put up the Christmas tree

3. Help them decorate their room

Make & Bake

4. Make treats for visitors

5. Build a snowman

6. Bake some yummy mince pies

Fun Activities

7. Carol singing for charity

8. Go Christmas shopping together

9. Paint your nails in festive colours

10. Make handmade Christmas gifts


11. Go to a pantomime

12. Go out for hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows)

13. Visit a Christmas Market

14. Donate food to a food bank

15. Go to local events

16. Walk around your neighbourhood and see the Christmas lights

17. Trip to Winter Wonderland in London

18. Attend Christmas Mass

Get into the Festive Spirit

19. Knit a jumper

20. Feed the birds in the garden

21. Join in on Christmas Jumper Day on 16th December to raise money for Save the Children

22. Watch a festive movie together

23. Decorate your home together

What are you doing to celebrate the lead up to Christmas?

A home health worker shares a tablet with an elderly woman