StoriiCare Benefits for Care Managers

Access key metrics and information wherever you are with our care management software. Managers can gain valuable insight into how they may support their staff members and clients.
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Store client
information securely

Face sheets are a thing of the past! Create and maintain digital profiles for your care facilities. StoriiCare software allows users to manage information of people supported by professional caregivers on any device. Additionally, being able to access and update key information at the point of care directly improves patient outcomes.
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Controlled access for
your team

Manage shift coordination through practical handover notes and digital staff noticeboards. You decide which staff members have access to each feature by adjusting custom permission levels within StoriiCare.
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Share information

Easily share forms and assessments with third parties and ensure that key information is updated. Modernize your services with over 40 digital features available that make collaboration with family members and auditing easy for you as a business manager.

Over 40 features for modern care management

Our features accommodate providers of all types - from senior care to adult day care services. This includes:

- Residential Care Facilities & Nursing Homes
- Adult Day Care Facilities & Disability Care Services
- Assisted Living & Retirement Communities
- Memory Care Providers
- Social Care Providers
- Housing Associations
- Home Care Services and more

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