StoriiCare Benefits for Care Staff

Empower teamwork, reduce stress and have more time to care for those in need.

Store client
information securely

Face sheets are a thing of the past! Create and maintain digital profiles for your service users, storing rich data fields that can be utilized directly within our analytics features

Digitize paper workflows

By switching from paper-based recording to digital care management, our clients save an average of 6 hours per week, per staff member on paperwork. In addition to being more efficient, digitizing workflows is better for the earth, reduces the chance of errors and is a powerful tool to impress regulators and prospective service users.

Make informed decisions with data

Track the data points that matter with StoriiCare. View and export trends and analytics across your senior care communities. Access to in-depth analytics enables providers to make data-driven decisions and evidence the quality of your care. Use your data to apply for grants, identify areas in your provision that require support and evidence your growth to stakeholders.

Over 30 features for modern care management

Our features accommodate care providers of all types: residential care and nursing homes, adult day care services, disability care services, assisted living communities, memory care providers, CCRCs and home care agencies.