Schedule Pick-ups and Drop-offs

StoriiCare's care management platform goes the extra mile by seamlessly integrating transportation services, making participant transit safe, efficient, and convenient. Our system enables you to schedule pick-up and drop-off times, manage vehicle maintenance, and empower your drivers with a dedicated transportation app.

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Easy App for Drivers

With our dedicated transportation app, drivers have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips. From viewing manifests and routes to accessing key passenger details, our app equips drivers with the tools they need to provide top-notch service. Additionally, the app enables drivers to send SMS messages to families, ensuring clear communication and peace of mind by notifying them when they are nearby.

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Track Drive Time

StoriiCare's transportation app also tracks drive time, ensuring precision in scheduling and adherence to timelines. This feature promotes a smooth and dependable transportation experience, while giving management transparency and key data to improve their services.

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Track Maintenance

Our platform allows you to schedule and manage vehicle maintenance effortlessly. With StoriiCare, you can ensure that your transportation fleet is in top condition, reducing downtime and enhancing the safety and reliability of your transportation services.